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The Digital Future

9 Massive Career Mistakes to Avoid Making as a Writer

How To Avoid Career Mistakes Afraid of career mistakes? You are not alone … Being a writer is not the easiest of career path choices. You can be the most talented and hardworking writer out there, but if you make any of these ten career mistakes your career will hardly get off the ground. Here is our best advice for writers attempting to get off the ground. Ready? Let’s go … Mistake #1: Forgetting to Forge Connections One of the biggest mistakes that writers can make is to isolate themselves. Even though the job can be done in isolation, it… Read More »9 Massive Career Mistakes to Avoid Making as a Writer

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5 Ways Transmedia Can Help Scriptwriters

Sofia’s Diary was a real inspiration to me when planning and creating the transmedia strategy for my Decision Book Series, so I was DELIGHTED when the show’s creator Nuno Bernardo approached me to write a guest post for B2W! This is a real treat for you Bang2writers on using the power of transmedia to engage your audiences, so enjoy! When I sat down to write Sofia’s Diary, my first Web series, back in 2003, I had no real scriptwriting experience, let alone transmedia writing experience. So, for me, it was always going to be a process of trial and error. As… Read More »5 Ways Transmedia Can Help Scriptwriters

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BBC Future Fiction Summit: What Next For Drama?

The energy, commitment and sheer track record of the speakers at this week’s BBC Future Fiction Summit left one thing in little doubt: The digital revolution is not just here, its rapid expansion is fast setting the agenda for screenwriters, independents and major broadcasters alike. An opening Q&A with YouTube’s Rosie Allimonos (Head of Content Partnerships) brought home the impact online viewing is having on drama production. A recent addition to its viral and VOD platforms, YouTube’s original content via its funded channels is extending the platform’s reach far beyond its traditional user base. And, judging by the views they’re… Read More »BBC Future Fiction Summit: What Next For Drama?

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Guest Post: The Story Engine 2010 pt 3 by Helen Bang

Here’s Helen’s final set of notes from The Story Engine. Enjoy!———————————The Future of Shorts Panel: Rebecca Mark Lawson, Samm Halliday, Dany Stack, Carol Machin With the scheme-based model of short film making on the verge of changing, the panel discussed success stories and speculated on how the future might look. Rebecca – has the shorts contract with the Film Council, Digital Shorts, etc.Samm – producer of drama for cinema and gallery installationsDanny – filmmaker and screenwriterCarol – Northern Film and Media There was a bit of discussion on the history of shorts, eg. the 10 minute, £10K films. Other schemes… Read More »Guest Post: The Story Engine 2010 pt 3 by Helen Bang

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Stop: Hammer Time

Since we’ve been talking about genre this week, now seems a good time to mention that Hammer Films’ new venture Beyond The Rave begins today. Not only is this Hammer Films’ first project since The Lady Vanishes, Beyond The Rave is a serial online. I heard Simon Oakes talking about this project at South West Screen’s Film: The Digital Future conference back in December and think it sounds pretty interesting. Also, with the likes of Sanctuary and Sofia’s Diary being picked up for the TV, it’s easy to see how many opportunities the internet is now offering to new projects,… Read More »Stop: Hammer Time

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