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A New Scriptwriting Festival — MORE DETAILS

So, like I posted last week — despite there being no SWF10, there WILL be an event for all writers to go to this year! Here’s some more details for you… WHERE: London WHEN: Last weekend of October 2010 (Friday to Sunday) There’s going to be loads of great stuff going on — I’m JUST ITCHING to tell you more — but if I do I know they’ll send those scary monkeys outta The Wizard of Oz after me so that’s your lot for now! The Big Announcement will be after Chris Jones‘ show, The Production Office, next Thursday (June… Read More »A New Scriptwriting Festival — MORE DETAILS

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Nanowrimo Special: Julian Friedmann at the SWF 09 "A Novel Approach"

I’ve been saving this to post up when the wind went out of my sails on Nanowrimo – which is right now. If you are too, check out Julian’s thoughts below, might give you the push you need!———————————————-Novelists turn to screenwriting and vice versa, but this often fails. Why? We are all STORYTELLERS. But to write a 100,000 word novel typically takes 6 – 9 months, which can be very off-putting. Nevertheless, Julian believes writing prose is a very serious compliment to screenwriting. Six Reasons to Write Books As Well As Scripts: – You’ve probably read more novels than scripts… Read More »Nanowrimo Special: Julian Friedmann at the SWF 09 "A Novel Approach"

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Please Hold… Yet Again

Hi. I know I haven’t posted for nearly a week, I can tell you: everything’s fine. Honest. (Well, fine apart from the fact Hub appears to have LOST the notebook with my SWF notes in!!!) Also: 1) I haven’t given up blogging 2) I am not ill – nor is anyone else 3) No humans or animals are being harmed at my house (Unless Hub can’t find said notebook) I’m just drowning in a quagmire of work, script reading – and because I haven’t enough to do, Nanowrimo too. In the meantime, please feel free to catch up with me… Read More »Please Hold… Yet Again

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SWF09 In Brief(ish)

I went to some really interesting sessions at the SWF, outlined for you below. Here are my immediate thoughts on the whole thing: Women in film MUST be included next year. I was surprised and pleased to see loads more women than I expected and there was a consensus this needs attention next year. This made most obvious at the Son of The Pitch special when the fact there was only 1 woman out of 10 pitching was noted. Unfortunately none of the speakers from the floor complaining about it put the case particularly well I thought and I was… Read More »SWF09 In Brief(ish)

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Screenwriters’ Festival 2009

“Is Jared coming? Where is he?” These words have so far been frequently uttered, up to 100 times a day in the last three days… Factoid. But then I guess I should have known taking a fella with me who is allergic to ever turning up on time would be an issue. Luckily for me and the lovely Elinor, we have no qualms about leaving the bugger to fend for himself (rather in the same way we’ve both abandoned our children to fortune this week). Jared then turns up, out of the crowd, eyes wild with panic and booze-fuelled paranoia:… Read More »Screenwriters’ Festival 2009

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I iz not here…

Hi, I’m not here. Or rather, I am here but I won’t be blogging for the next week ‘cos I’m at The Screenwriters’ Festival and then, next saturday I will be filming Slash. Who the hell decided THAT was a good idea? Slave driving producer, that’s who… Oh, right: me. Well, come on: it’s a horror film and it’s HALLOWEEN next saturday. How awesome is that? Well it seemed awesome six weeks ago when I decided, now I’m wondering how the hell I’m gonna shove everything into the next week. Hey ho. Whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, etc… Read More »I iz not here…

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