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I iz not here…

Hi, I’m not here. Or rather, I am here but I won’t be blogging for the next week ‘cos I’m at The Screenwriters’ Festival and then, next saturday I will be filming Slash. Who the hell decided THAT was a good idea? Slave driving producer, that’s who… Oh, right: me. Well, come on: it’s a horror film and it’s HALLOWEEN next saturday. How awesome is that? Well it seemed awesome six weeks ago when I decided, now I’m wondering how the hell I’m gonna shove everything into the next week. Hey ho. Whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, etc etc. I hope.

So it’s gonna be radio silence from me for at least a week, but despair not: if you need your daily dose of rambling from yours truly, I can guarantee I will turn up on Twitter or Facebook during this time. Links below.

If you’re at the Screenwriters’ Fest too – come and say hello!!! Follow the sound of swearing and general interrogation of everyone and you’re bound to find me. Alternatively, look for a brunette who’s usually in purple or pink, a loooong black cardi and flared jeans who looks as if she’s stepped out of a time warp circa 1977: that’s me.

See you all soon!!!

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