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10 Quick Tips For Your Writer’s Resumé

  • July 5, 2021July 25, 2021

All About The Resumé Most writing submissions require a writer’s resumé now. Bang2writers are always asking me what they should include in theirs, so I thought I would pull together my top tips for you. Ready? Let’s go … 1) Presentation is everything First impressions count. Make sure your resumé (aka your CV, if you’re a Brit like me) LOOKS professional. There’s no set way to do this, so don’t panic … It’s more a case of ‘you’ll know it when you see it’. Swapping with your writing peers is a great idea to see what works and what doesn’t… Read More »10 Quick Tips For Your Writer’s Resumé

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10 Tips On Getting An Agent (Or Doing Without One!)

  • June 14, 2021

How To Get An Agent Want an agent? Most writers do.  Julian Friedmann has been an agent for nearly 40 years, handling books and scripts. His TEDx talk on the mystery of storytelling has been viewed over 900,000 times. His new book MAKE MONEY SCREENWRITING: Creative Strategies, has just been published by Amazon. With all this in mind, B2W asked Julian’s advice on getting an agent … or doing without one. So without further ado, here’s his top 10 tips … pass them on! Julian’s Top Tips 1) Choose a saleable idea and format Killing Eve was huge, but it… Read More »10 Tips On Getting An Agent (Or Doing Without One!)

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7 Writing Lessons From Bingeing OUTLANDER

  • February 22, 2021

Outlander – Books vs. TV series Outlander is a typical TV series meant to get us hooked and binging. Binging on TV series in 2020 became an acceptable habit, though not one I was proud of. However I spent 10 days bingeing the TV series and reading its four books. Here are the benefits I found for bingeing and adaptation. Ready? Let’s go! Lessons Learned WARNING: if you have not watched or read the books, there be SPOILERS in this post! The story begins after World War 2. Combat nurse Claire Beauchamp Randall is vacationing with her husband, Frank, in the… Read More »7 Writing Lessons From Bingeing OUTLANDER

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10 Quick Tips On Writing Non Binary People

  • July 22, 2020July 22, 2020

All about Non Binary People Lots of Bang2writers tell me they are interested in writing transgender characters, but perhaps don’t know much about non binary people … Enter Ugla! Ugla is non binary and the co-director of My Genderation, as well an author and trans advocate.  These great insights into what being non binary means, as well as its history and context, will help you on your way. Ugla and their partner Fox are currently fundraising for their documentary film Inverness Or Bust. Make sure you check out their project at the bottom of this post and please pass it… Read More »10 Quick Tips On Writing Non Binary People

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How To Watch And Break Down A TV Show Episode

Watch & Learn Lots of my Bang2writers say they’re going to watch TV shows ‘for work’ … but then don’t do any work! They just enjoy them. Tsk. Naughty writers! But seriously, you CAN watch whatever you like *and* learn from these produced TV shows at the same time. I’m going to show you how to do this, using the free B2W plotting worksheet, which you can download HERE. By the way, you can watch stuff if you’re a novelist too! Everything I know about novel writing, I learned from watching movies and TV shows. Similarly, you can watch different… Read More »How To Watch And Break Down A TV Show Episode

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Why Theme In FRIENDS Is Better Than You Think

  • November 25, 2019December 5, 2019

Theme in Friends It’s fair to say the internet erupted with news of a Friends reunion, recently. I’ve written about Friends a fair amount this year on this blog, so thought I would return to the show, with reference to theme. Theme refers to ‘an idea that recurs in or pervades a work of art or literature.’ Friends is about a bunch of young friends, all getting through life and love, dealing with whatever it throws at them. Being a sitcom, it’s about dysfunctional family too. Le duh. However, with theme we make our OWN meaning too. How each individual audience… Read More »Why Theme In FRIENDS Is Better Than You Think

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Jed Mercurio:‘Storytelling Is About Creating A Chain Reaction’

Jed Mercurio And LINE OF DUTY Jed Mercurio’s work always seems to be a talking point with the Bang2writers. Whether it’s his use of tech in his storylines; those iconic interrogation scenes; his much-lauded LINE OF DUTY finales; or his female characterisation, we always seem to be putting his writing under the microscope! The first four series of LINE OF DUTY recently hit Netflix. As any veteran of this site knows, I love structure and always thought it was a very tight show plot-wise. But since the show began in 2012, the TV landscape has changed considerably. We’re ‘binging’ content… Read More »Jed Mercurio:‘Storytelling Is About Creating A Chain Reaction’

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Eric Heisserer: ‘Beware The Paper Tiger That Prevents You Writing’

  • May 13, 2019May 15, 2019

All About Eric Eric Heisserer has a screenwriting resumé most Bang2writers would kill for. From franchises through to adaptations and indie dramas, Eric has been at every level of the movie coal-face it seems. Eric’s also really approachable and offers great insights on the craft. I interviewed him for my non-fiction Drama Screenplays book because he wrote and directed one of my favourite dramas Hours, starring the late Paul Walker. He’s also shared some excellent pointers on female characters in the past for B2W, too. So I thought I’d check back in with Eric in 2019 and see what other juicy… Read More »Eric Heisserer: ‘Beware The Paper Tiger That Prevents You Writing’

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Why FRIENDS Has An Awesome Pilot (And What It Can Teach Writers)

Rise of the Spec TV Pilot Every screenwriter alive wants to write a great pilot episode of their own, if the spec pile is anything go by. When I started B2W back in the day, I hardly ever saw spec TV pilot episodes of any kind. Fast-forward fifteen years and I would venture I read more spec TV pilot episodes than anything else! It also means THE most popular article on this entire site is How To Write TV Series Bibles – over 130K+ unique hits now. Wow! That said, spec TV pilot episodes are notoriously difficult to write. Whilst… Read More »Why FRIENDS Has An Awesome Pilot (And What It Can Teach Writers)

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How To Write Great Openers That Grab The Reader

  • October 3, 2018May 13, 2022

All About Openers Openers are a very, very important part of the spec screenplay. Screenwriting is a visual medium, so this makes sense. But as noted in this previous post on openers, too often writers end up using repetitive opening images … Worse still, they may not even use them at all. Eeek! But it can be difficult to source screenplays with good examples of visuals in. If they are produced, the filmmaker might have put their own stamp on it. Or we may be reading a much earlier draft or transcript. It can be really hard to tell. But here’s the… Read More »How To Write Great Openers That Grab The Reader

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