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KT Parker

How To Write Daytime TV Drama

 Three TV Writers What do Rachel Flowerday (co-creator & writer of “Father Brown” with Tahsin Guner and writer of The Moonstone”with Sasha Hails), Roland Moore (creator & writer of Land Girls) and Sally Abbott (creator & writer of The Coroner) have in common? All three of these writers got their big break writing for Doctors. From there on their paths diverged. It took Sally five years to get a second gig writing for Doctors, proving that you should never give up! Eventually she found her way into continuing drama, which is also the route Rachel took. Roland meanwhile continued writing… Read More »How To Write Daytime TV Drama

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5 (More) Things I Learned Pitching In Hollywood

The ‘X Things I Learned’ series is becoming a REALLY great source of insider and ‘behind the scenes’ info — if you want to share the insights you’ve learned out in the industry; on a course; when you met a famous writer — or something else! – then please do get in touch. Us Bang2writers want to hear all about it! In the meantime, here’s another perspective on pitching in Hollywood for you. If you recall, Tim gave his POV 3-4 of years ago, so here’s KT with her own nuggets of wisdom. Enjoy … Whether you’re pitching in London… Read More »5 (More) Things I Learned Pitching In Hollywood

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4 Tips For Building Your Screenwriting Competition Submissions Strategy

Screenwriting Competitions can be an excellent way to ignite your screenwriting career. Benefits may include: Circulation of your script to producers/agents, garnering industry attention Networking opportunities with industry professionals Marketing soundbites to include in cover letters or on your website The motivation of a deadline Strengthen your writers’ CV (aka resumé) Boost you confidence in your abilities as a writer Script analysis with an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your script $$££€€ cash prizes BUT … there are now so many screenwriting competitions, preparing submissions is time-consuming and can set you back quite a bit of $$££€€. So… Read More »4 Tips For Building Your Screenwriting Competition Submissions Strategy

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Rejected? 3 Industry Pros tell you: DON’T GIVE UP!

Never Give Up We all know as writers the worst thing we can do is give up. But sometimes that’s exactly what we feel like doing! Those of you who’ve attended London Screenwriters Festival  and succeeded in getting synopsis and script-read requests from Producers at Pitchfest may be starting to get rejection messages round about now. I know I am. Rejection is unpleasant. Nobody likes it. But know this … … Even those who’ve “made it” experience rejection on a regular basis. I spoke to three industry pros to get their take on this thorny issue: –  star writer/director HOSSEIN AMINI… Read More »Rejected? 3 Industry Pros tell you: DON’T GIVE UP!

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6 Things Olivia Hetreed Can Teach New Writers

A fantastic post from KT Parker again, this time about top screenwriter Olivia Hetreed. B2W was privileged to do a script report on Olivia’s screenplay for WUTHERING HEIGHTS many moons ago (find out what other produced films I have done coverage for or consulted on, HERE). Olivia is a writer who really knows what she’s talking about craft-wise, but she also has some particularly good advice on go-getting for female writers too. Enjoy … For most of us, Olivia Hetreed will have first come onto our radar when she was BAFTA-nominated for her screenplay of Tracy Chevalier’s best-selling “Girl With… Read More »6 Things Olivia Hetreed Can Teach New Writers

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5 Things I Learned In A 10 Min Q + A With Luc Besson

I’ve been a huge fan of Luc Besson since I was a teenager in the 90s and THE FIFTH ELEMENT came out (“I am Corbin Dallas!”) so I was delighted to receive KT Parker’s guest post on LUCY, which obviously Luc named after **me**! Thanks KT and enjoy, everybody … LUCY hit the screens in Paris last week and Luc Besson, who both wrote and directed it, was doing no less than 6 “avant-premières” all over town. Those of you who don’t live in France may be wondering, what on earth is an avant-première? Well, it’s like a première minus… Read More »5 Things I Learned In A 10 Min Q + A With Luc Besson

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