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Writers, Everyone Hates Us On Social Media. Here’s Why …

Social Media Hate If you spend a lot of time on social media like I do, you’ll have noticed a LOT of writers blotting their copybooks lately with their potential friends and followers. Here’s what’s happened to me lately, in just the past 2 or 3 weeks: Facebook Fiends. Writers may send me Friend requests. That’s obviously fine, but within SECONDS of accepting their request, they may send another asking me to LIKE their page. (Plus the really persistent ones will send a private message as well). Facebook Fiends #2. Writers on Facebook may ‘tag’ me from their timeline, especially into… Read More »Writers, Everyone Hates Us On Social Media. Here’s Why …

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Top 10 Myths About Instagram For Business

I’ve written a fair amount about social media on this blog, especially Twitter and Facebook. This is because these are the platforms on which writers hang out the most. No-brainer! That said, in the last eighteen months or so, in comparison to many platforms that bring B2W a stable (or even decreasing) amount of traffic, one platform really stands out in terms of its growth: INSTAGRAM! I launched on instagram as @LucyVHayAuthor just over a year ago. Like all my other platforms, I have a strategy for it: on this account, I share my visuals for both this site and my… Read More »Top 10 Myths About Instagram For Business

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