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Top 10 Myths About Instagram For Business

I’ve written a fair amount about social media on this blog, especially Twitter and Facebook. This is because these are the platforms on which writers hang out the most. No-brainer! That said, in the last eighteen months or so, in comparison to many platforms that bring B2W a stable (or even decreasing) amount of traffic, one platform really stands out in terms of its growth: INSTAGRAM!

I launched on instagram as @LucyVHayAuthor just over a year ago. Like all my other platforms, I have a strategy for it: on this account, I share my visuals for both this site and my author blog; as well as pictures of books, cats, sweets and Devon. My fave things, basically!

My following on instagram is small, but it’s HIGHLY engaged and is brilliant for my brand. Whilst instagram only supports a single link on your profile page, I think it’s brilliant how I can share pics and cross-post them to Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr as well. What’s more, people report finding my books and Bang2write via the hashtag facility, more and more.

So that’s why I love this infographic about instagram, which busts all the major myths about instagram. It’s a great platform for writers and in my opinion, if you’re not on it, you should use it ASAP! And if you are? Follow me … See you there!

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Writers Online

Being a writer is a serious business, if you want to do it right. This is why social media platforms can be great at helping you launch your career and even helping you brand yourself as a screenwriter, author or freelancer.

But which platform is worth pursuing? While doing business on Instagram certainly sounds great, maybe you’re not sure if it’s worth it. Other networks such as Facebook have more users and also provide superb business opportunities, right? But is Instagram that ineffective at creating and converting leads? Or it is just a site for youngsters to post their selfies???

Try Instagram

Well luckily, it is not hard to answer these questions. If you have an account on Instagram, feel free to log in and browse your feed. What do you see there? Apart from the posts of your friends, you’re seeing a lot of business-related posts. This is a good sign, right?

Absolutely! People have been using Instagram for all kinds of business purposes for a long time. Why? Because the platform has a great power to generate deals and attract significant attention to a brand. For a professional writing service, for example, it can provide maximum interest of the online audience through targeting of specific groups and allowing to post short video testimonials from clients.

Instagram = effective

If Instagram didn’t have this power, why would the vast majority of American business decide to go through all the trouble creating a page there if they knew they were going to fail? Just to spend money?Of course not!

Instagram is a serious platform for doing business. Professional writers can design short videos explaining how their services can benefit different clients, including publishing agencies, students, sales persons, and anyone in need of a quality writing work … And that’s just for starters!

If you’re still not convinced, take a quick look at this infographic designed by Proessaywriting. It explains the most common myths about Instagram for business to prove once again that you shouldn’t hesitate to begin working with this incredible platform.

Created byProessaywriting.

BIO: Lucy Benton is a marketing specialist, business consultant and helps people to turn their dreams into the profitable business.  Now she is writing for marketing and business resources. Also Lucy has her own blog Pro Writing where you can check her last publications.

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