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Javier Grillo-Marxuach: ‘Lost Was NOT Purgatory’ (And Other Tales)

  • March 13, 2022March 14, 2022

About Javier Grillo-Marxuach Javier Grillo-Marxuach is a screenwriter and producer. He has the kind of resumé most Bang2writers would kill for, including iconic shows like Charmed and Lost. He’s continued with fantastic modern TV such as The Witcher, The 100 and The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance as well. Wow! I was delighted to Zoom with Javier recently. I love high concept, dystopian and post-apocalyptic story worlds. He’s literally worked on some of my favourite shows that have influenced my own writing! Javier also wrote the AMAZING 11 Laws of show running, an online essay/memo which really requires its own post.… Read More »Javier Grillo-Marxuach: ‘Lost Was NOT Purgatory’ (And Other Tales)

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Movies Have Always Been ‘Woke’. You Just Didn’t Notice

Another week, another message So, apparently B2W is too ‘woke’ so somebody’s unfollowing … blahblahblah. Seriously, this ain’t an airport, no need to announce your departure! I do have one query though: WHO THE HELL HAS THIS PERSON BEEN FOLLOWING BEFORE NOW??  This site and its accompanying social media has always placed the ‘woke’ at its heart, FFS. If this was apparently a problem, you gotta wondered why they followed in the first place. But anyway, no skin off B2W’s nose. ‘Wokism’: A Short History Hell, B2W is so ‘woke’ I actually don’t even use the word (except when critiquing… Read More »Movies Have Always Been ‘Woke’. You Just Didn’t Notice

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10 Tips On Getting An Agent (Or Doing Without One!)

  • June 14, 2021

How To Get An Agent Want an agent? Most writers do.  Julian Friedmann has been an agent for nearly 40 years, handling books and scripts. His TEDx talk on the mystery of storytelling has been viewed over 900,000 times. His new book MAKE MONEY SCREENWRITING: Creative Strategies, has just been published by Amazon. With all this in mind, B2W asked Julian’s advice on getting an agent … or doing without one. So without further ado, here’s his top 10 tips … pass them on! Julian’s Top Tips 1) Choose a saleable idea and format Killing Eve was huge, but it… Read More »10 Tips On Getting An Agent (Or Doing Without One!)

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5 Things Writers Can Learn From MAYANS M.C

About Mayans M.C Sons of Anarchy spin-off show Mayans M.C is a great example of how diversity and inclusion can literally make storytelling better, both in front of and behind the camera. I was a huge fan of SOA back in the day. I love a hyper-masculine storyworld and I found the intricacies of this one were (mostly) delicious … BUT on re-watching all 7 series on Netflix I noticed it felt rather dated in comparison to other broadly similar crime series from the same era like Justified. I felt this was largely because of SOA’s fudged commentary on race,… Read More »5 Things Writers Can Learn From MAYANS M.C

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10 Awesome Young Female Characters Recommended By My Kid

All About Young Characters Young characters are hard to write … Yet writers frequently under-research young people when it comes to characterisation. As I was a teen mum, I’ve been a parent for over half of my life now. It is often very clear to me which writers hang out with youngsters and which do not. As with all authentic characterisation, we need to do our research or get found out. If we want to write young characters, then it pays to find out what young people are actually interested in!! This might seem obvious – and it is! –… Read More »10 Awesome Young Female Characters Recommended By My Kid

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Female Leads Through The Ages: Top 10 Must-See Characters

On Female Leads The roles of women have changed dramatically throughout history, so female leads are no different. How does our evolution mirror that in the media? Here’s 10 must see television shows and movies to show female leads’ growth in the media. 1) Wizard of Oz, Dorothy Gale (1939) We love Dorothy for her path of loving where she is, in the moment. Apparently Judy Garland was not even first choice for this iconic role, but she really made it her own. I cannot imagine anyone else playing the lead in the 1939 movie. 2) Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Holly (1961) No… Read More »Female Leads Through The Ages: Top 10 Must-See Characters

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HOST – How To Write, Make And Sell A Horror Movie

All About Host Host (2020) is a low budget British Horror movie that IMDB describes as, ‘Six friends hire a medium to hold a séance via Zoom during lockdown, but they get far more than they bargained for as things quickly go wrong.’  Receiving rave reviews and a whopping 100% critics’ score on Rotten Tomatoes, Host was conceived and shot in Lockdown! That’s right, Host did not exist even in its creators’ minds BEFORE March 23rd, 2020. In fact, had the pandemic not happened, this horror movie may never have been written and produced at all. So I met the… Read More »HOST – How To Write, Make And Sell A Horror Movie

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No, Diverse Characters DON’T Have To Drive The Plot

  • May 11, 2020

Diversity Drive Calm down Doris I have not lost the plot! The drive for more diversity (*cough* variety) in all stories is still very much part of this website. Obviously B2W would never advocate ‘ignoring’ the politics of characterisation. It’s literally this blog’s remit … I wrote an entire book about this subject, FFS!  So, what am I banging on about? Well, there’s a common misconception writers have about diversity in storytelling … They think diverse characters can ONLY exist for **plot reasons**. I’m here to say NOPE. Here’s why.  A Quick History Lesson Not so long ago, diverse characters… Read More »No, Diverse Characters DON’T Have To Drive The Plot

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Flow Chart – How To Write A Diverse Character Right

  • April 6, 2020October 14, 2020

How To Write A Diverse Character It’s a fact that audiences want a greater variety of characters in movies and television that feel both fresh AND authentic. But as writers, we are also told to ‘write what we know’ …  And we can’t KNOW EVERYTHING. Supersadface. This is why so many Bang2writers say they would LOVE to write more diverse stories and characters BUT … … They ‘don’t know where to start’ and … They’re ‘afraid of getting it wrong’ So now what??? Well, start here with the B2W flow chart … And to avoid ‘getting it wrong’, pay close… Read More »Flow Chart – How To Write A Diverse Character Right

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5 Lessons From 50 Movie Reviews In 50 Days

  • February 19, 2020March 3, 2022

All About Reviews Movie reviews: you can’t move for them online. So why on earth would I write fifty of the damn things? That’s right! FIFTY! It all started when I lost any motivation to write. I fell into a downward spiral of “I’m not a good writer… I wasn’t meant to write… it’s not for me… I’ll NEVER succeed in this industry”… I guess many of you have gone down that road, too. But how do we get out of those non-supportive thoughts?? We take ACTION. For me, I decided it was time to see how others did what… Read More »5 Lessons From 50 Movie Reviews In 50 Days

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