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8 Useful Tips To Win Screenwriting Competitions

“How to win screenwriting competitions” is one of the top Google searches bringing writers to this blog, so when Sasha got in touch with this great, informative blog post I couldn’t resist! As a competition script reader and organiser myself, I realise there’s no *guaranteed* way of getting ahead in screewriting contests … But I HAVE noted writers doing the same submission shockers over and over that definitely count against them! So check out this  great info here that will help you better your chances, plus there’s a comprehensive list of screenwriting competitions at the end of the post. Enjoy!… Read More »8 Useful Tips To Win Screenwriting Competitions

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8 Ways To Kill Your Erotic Fiction DEAD!

All About Erotic Fiction If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know I love to read erotic fiction. I must confess I’m actually into it for the laughs usually, so knock me down with a (silky) feather when I discovered @MaraLeighAuthor‘s Fantasies Unleashed series! Check out my review of Surrender, HERE. Now, over to Mistress Mara … Want to try your hand at erotic fiction? Beware. With the success of Fifty Shades of Grey, the Kindle store is chock full of some downright cringe-worthy erotica. Here are 8 things to avoid to keep your erotic fiction lusty, not laughable: 1) Use… Read More »8 Ways To Kill Your Erotic Fiction DEAD!

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Great Visual Guide For Screenwriting Comps & Initiatives

Many thanks to Jonathan at who’s got in touch with this fab infographic on the best screenwriting competitions and initiatives for screenwriters. As you can see very obviously (and as I always go on about!), there ARE times of the year that are quieter than others, whereas there are other times that are VERY busy on the competition calandar … So, it really pays to get organised and get your writing done during the quiet times, so you can ensure your screenplay is ready to submit during the peak times! If you’re wanting submissions tips for your screenplays, check… Read More »Great Visual Guide For Screenwriting Comps & Initiatives

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Return of The Hoff

…No not *that* Hoff: Gordy Hoffman. He must have fallen in love with England, because he’s back again for the third time in three months – and this time he’ll be working through your all-important First Act with you. You’ll even get written feedback after the workshop from Gordy too. Oh and of course being a Bang2writer you can get a discount. Nice one. What are you waiting for? Oh, you need a review? Here’s one and here’s another. Now go register.——————————————————————— I wanted everyone to know I will be coming back to lead a workshop on the First Act… Read More »Return of The Hoff

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Bluecat # 2: 5 Exercises To Get Inspired

Writers often contact me to ask if I have solutions to the problem of so-called Writer’s Block – that supposed condition where you *can’t* write. I’ve always been of the opinion that it’s not that you can’t, it’s that you FEEL you can’t, so addressing whatever problem is in the way of your creativity is your first stop. However I’m a script reader, not a psychologist, so I can’t very well write back and say, “Do you have a problem with your childhood/parents/siblings/some bizarre phobia??” Instead I usually recommend they take time AWAY from writing, stop obsessing on it, stop… Read More »Bluecat # 2: 5 Exercises To Get Inspired

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Bluecat London Workshop, August 16th 08: Gordy Hoffman

As mentioned in the previous post, I was unforutnately unable to get to the second day of this workshop since I woke up with a throat that felt shredded by a panther’s claws and a head that felt like it had been hit by a hammer. However, despite this Gordy Hoffman imparted so much wisdom on that first day I have plenty to tell you. So chew on this!—————————————————————————Gurus, Formulas & Storytelling. Gordy started the day by telling us that he didn’t really believe in formulas, because any formula can be made to fit any movie. He mentioned that Michael’s… Read More »Bluecat London Workshop, August 16th 08: Gordy Hoffman

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