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Great Visual Guide For Screenwriting Comps & Initiatives

Many thanks to Jonathan at who’s got in touch with this fab infographic on the best screenwriting competitions and initiatives for screenwriters.

As you can see very obviously (and as I always go on about!), there ARE times of the year that are quieter than others, whereas there are other times that are VERY busy on the competition calandar … So, it really pays to get organised and get your writing done during the quiet times, so you can ensure your screenplay is ready to submit during the peak times!

If you’re wanting submissions tips for your screenplays, check out Submissions Insanity, my column on Scriptmag as well as the PDF Submissions Checklist on the B2W Downloads page. For more resources on submissions strategies and processes,  don’t forget there’s a “submissions” label on this site, as well as the B2W Resources Page. Good luck!



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