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9 Reasons Why Writers Make Brilliant Friends

Friendly Writers

It’s always nice to be appreciated, so many thanks to Brendan at Global English Editing for getting in touch with this fun infographic on why writers make brilliant friends. I wholeheartedly approve of all the points here (ahem), especially number 8!

And as for point 7, as anyone knows who was at the first phase of the LondonSWF Talent Campus supported by Skillset last weekend, I drank FAR too much! Coffee, alcohol, you name it … I was on the ceiling with enthusiasm or on the floor hungover for most of it  (yes, I’m still recovering!).

By the way, it’s worth a poke around The Global English Editing site for articles like the awesome 120 Most Helpful Websites For Writers. Whether you need inspiration or tips on grammar, blogging, freelance writing, business, working with literary agents, or protecting yourself from scam artists, this amazing directory has you covered! Definitely worth a bookmark.

Want EVEN MORE writing tips?

Then check out my screenwriting books! If you’re writing genre, you may like Writing & Selling Thriller Screenplays, which breaks down the structure and characters of movies like iconic indie movies such as Drive and Attack The Block, contrasting them with blockbuster epics like Con Air, Aliens and Jurassic Park, as well as microbudget movies such as Deviation and Gone. READ AN EXCERPT HERE.

Alternatively, if you’re writing something more character-driven, check out Writing & Selling Drama Screenplays, which places female-centric short films and features at the forefront, especially by female screenwriters and directors. READ AN EXCERPT HERE.

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Good Luck, Friends!

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