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Okay, my Writers’ Academy application has FINALLY gone in time for the deadline. I only had to re-read my sample four times, check the application obsessively, cross my fingers, stand on my head and drink four beers to press “send” as well. Result.

Now, my minions, please join me in prayer:

“To The God of Screenwriters (Tony Jordan),

Please ensure my application gets to the top of the pile by any means necessary, fair or foul so I can go into the BBC Centre, be blessed by the Dalek of Good Fortune in the lobby and walk through the workshops and the interviews to victory, so I might one day become head writer on Eastenders.


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14 thoughts on “Sent!”

  1. Amen to that.

    (apart from the bit about becoming lead writer on EastEnders, unless you wait until I’ve retired)

  2. Good luck and many many many smiles and writer high fives for actually doing it! You’re one of the rare ones that follows through. YEAH!


  3. Aaaah, thanks laydeez and Paul! Though I’ll ‘ave ya… Good idea Piers, I’ll limber up at the dreaded “dance jam” tonight… ssheesh.

    ; )

  4. I’d offer you the best of British luck, but that’s not much use as I am ForeignScum®. Got my fingers crossed for you anyways.

  5. Like Laura I have everything crossed for you. This is a big sacrifice cos it is maypole dancing time and I feel the urge to skip around waving a ribbon. Or is that morris dancing?

    Anyway it’s about time they recognised your talent. Good luck.

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