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My number one fave article of all time, Bill Martell’s “16 Steps To Better Scene Description” on The List of Wonder disappeared off the face of the internet this week – not only did I have a heart attack, I got a bunch of emails panicking about it too! Frantic Googling revealed little – just dead links to my list. Noooooooooooooooooo!

But here it is.


Thanks to Bill Martell for the link. You really are a prince among screenwriters.

Worship him over at his website now, bitches!

Oh – and have a lovely weekend.

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1 thought on “Phew”

  1. By the hair on Brian Blessed’s chin, that really is the greatest article ever! I do read Bill’s blog and visithis Script Secrets site but that is the first time I have ever read that post. Eternal thanks for highlighting it Lucy.

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