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Short Film Scripts Wanted

I saw this on Talent Circle this morning and thought some of you peeps might be interested… If you’re not a member of Talent Circle already, WHY NOT?? This is the kind of great opportunity featured on there all the time. Register today!!!

From Solarmonite Productions:

I am looking for a short film script, 10 pages or less, that deals with either of the following:

1. Contemporary social and/or polital issues affecting British society,
2. Social and/or political issues affecting immigrants or immigrant groups in the UK

If you have written a short film script that you think may address these topics, please forward them onto me. The script I choose will be shot with a £10k budget and £500 will be paid to the writer if the script is chosen to be made.

No CVs, just scripts please.

Please just attach the scripts to your email. NO SPECS OR TREATMENTS, JUST SCRIPTS.
Send to: solarmonite”at”googlemail”dot”com


Nick Tyrone

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5 thoughts on “Short Film Scripts Wanted”

  1. Thanks for posting this opportunity Lucy.

    It raises a question for me about what the protocol is when you have scripts entered in the BSSC. Unlike all the other comps the BSSC gets the winning films made. So even though you know that your script isn’t going to win (like most others I’m in it to try and get through a couple of rounds) do you think it puts those scripts out of circulation until they get bounced out of the BSSC? Looking forward to the Yoda wisdom….

  2. That’s a good question Caroline.

    Way I see it, the odds are against a scribe winning, so chances are it’s makes no difference at all if you send a script to a producer that you have also entered in the BSSC. Don’t forget, odds are also against you getting the producer on board too!

    If the producer DOES want your script however, it’s best to tell him/her it’s in the BSSC I think. If s/he wants to get cracking straight away, then it would probably be best that you withdraw from the BSSC. On the other hand, the producer may not to want to start for a while and be as interested as you to see where the script places, might even help the production in the long run as they can boast the script was a high placer in the BSSC…

  3. Hi Girls

    I find it hard to consider BSSC locked in when the timescales are so long and the odds pretty low.

    I’ve therefore kept kicking them out. If I get a nod from someone else sooner then I hopefully get it made. If not I still have a chance with BSSC.

    Anything to improving those odds.

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