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An announcement people… Silence please! Perhaps Oscarworthy is a tad overstepping the mark, but this is very exciting:

I have finally made it into the wonderous online tome that is Wikipedia.

Well, my Q&A with Mark Greig on Ashes to Ashes vs. Life on Mars has.

As a reference: see it here.

But it’s there! Now you may search “Lucy Vee” there and an actual link will come up instead of “no results found.” I actually have a tear in my (now healed) left eye.

I’m expecting calls from all other encyclopedias on and off line, so though I know you must be very excited as well, please keep the lines free people. I thank you.

UPDATE: It was nice while it lasted, but it would seem I have already been outdone. Well done Tim!

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10 thoughts on “Glory!”

  1. Clearly you have no issues dating back to secondary school my twinny friend… If someone RANDOMLY puts me or this blog in Wikipedia without me asking/paying them to, then it is finally confirmed that I am down with the kool kidz, right? ; )

  2. Congrats!

    As a serial wikoffender I salute you.

    Looking forward to the next Q&A

    Yeah I second the motion of Evil Twinz. Get this blog linked on Wikipedia 🙂


  3. “Wickoffender”? Is that a real term for people who check their names in Wikipedia? If not it definitely should be…

    Thanks CW!

  4. Wikoffender is an “affectionate term” people at my work use for people like me who, instead of working sit on the internet instead!

    Speaking of that I had best be off 🙂


  5. I have those same issues Lucy! I’m still scarred by being the fat one no one picked for sports… And no one has written about me in Wikipedia either. Though my nephew wrote about how fat I was at school last week.

  6. Oh no! I can raise you though…

    Exhibition of artwork at nursery when my son was about 3, it was called “At the weekend…” Kids had to draw their favourite place to go at the weekend and write where it was as their sentence. No one mentioned anything, but the nursery nurses kept looking at me funny in the week leading up to the exhubition.

    So imagine my REAL surprise when I get to the exhibition and not only is Alfie’s sentence “At the weekend my Mum takes me to THE PUB”, he’s also drawn a bunch of beer glasses complete with beer AND an ash tray with fags in it!!!

    I nearly died, especially since I never took him to the pub anyway, was always too broke as a single mum… I didn’t smoke either!! But of course I looked like I was protesting way too much!!!

  7. There is actually a whole page on wikipedia about NOT writing about yourself.

    Obviously that doesn’t apply to you and me Luce. I suggest a new facebook group called “I’m on wiki”

  8. “There is actually a whole page on wikipedia about NOT writing about yourself.”

    Oh really! Fancy that. I must’ve missed that by constantly vanity Wiki-searching, lol.

    As for the Facebook group, let’s do it! Though with you having a proper page and all, you better be in charge. Reference people like me are bottom of the Wikipond, natch.

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