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The Year Ahead

Well, I can look back at 2007 and say I made *some* progress at this scriptwriting lark. Of course, I’m not about to tell the whole of the internet exactly what I did (and didn’t manage to) do. Chances are you know anyway and even if you don’t, I think an air of mystery always aids a lady (or you can decide I did nothing at all, which is your prerogative, though you’d be wrong).

But that’s the thing with this scripty-stuff, right? You can make lots of in-roads but unless they break on through to the other side production-wise or worse, distribution-wise, no one ever hears about them. Or better still (not), you can have something made but because it’s the type of thing that doesn’t have your name listed on it (like a website, toy, CD Rom etc), people look at you funny and think you’re laying claim to random stuff just in order to big yourself up. Which would be crazy, but then I think we’re all probably a little crazy. I’m rambling now. I have a temperature. It’s the same bug my husband has but of course he’s DYING whilst I soldier on. Men.

So, my plans for 2008? The same as 2007 really. Get a TV commission. Get a script editing and/or supervising job on a film with major distribution that starts its principal photography this year. A couple of my secret projects have managed to fall off the edge of 2007 and into 2008, so I’m still not telling you about them but I’ll do those too, natch. Oh and make a short film! That’s a new one, one I’ve always *intended* to get round to but never managed. If you fancy collaborating with me on…something and live somewhere near me (Dorset would be handy, Bournemouth handier still), then get in touch. Let’s rock and roll.

Happy New Year.

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9 thoughts on “The Year Ahead”

  1. Yikes. I sound like a whiner, don’t I??? It’s not meant that way. 2007 was actually the best year yet writing-wise, made some positive in-roads, but so much up in the air still… Way too paranoid to talk about anything in case of JINXING THEM. You get it.

  2. Thanks Helen! After bigging me up here and on your own blog by saying you like my hair, I think I’m promoting you to Major In Command In My Brain’s Self Esteem Dept. It comes with attacks of paranoia, self delusion and a company trip down my brain waves every year which I’m told is not unlike riding the tubes of Hawaii. Would you like time to consider the offer?

  3. Happy New Wotsit!

    Luce, my dear, Bournemouth Uni (or whatever it is) has a thriving film dept that’s always asking for actors and actresses for student films on the various actor/actress e-mails that go out (such as from Shooting People).

    Which means they have peeps wanting to make shorts all year round. perhaps you should talk to them.

    My New Years Res: Write more regularly and get more bloody things finished — I’m a terrible prevaricator.

    I shall be spending the next month or so on a project in Dundee (computer programming — one of my other talents). Hopefully I can get some writing done in the evenings without familial distractions.

    (I’d love to start a blog, but I know it would just be another distraction.)

    Live long and prosper. 🙂

  4. Happy New Year, Lucy! I wish you success with all your projects. Thanks again for the help, advice and inspiration you gave me in ’07.

    Dave Anderson

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