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Killer Screenwriting

For our American bloggers or those willing to take a trip across the pond…


40+ Hour Interactive Workshop

Become a better screenwriter in one week!

Jim Mercurio jam-packs a semester of screenwriting into a living and breathing interactive work of art and education. Participants’ script pages will be part of class text and will inspire and complement the film clips, excerpts and lecture. The class will adapt to the students and accelerate their growth as screenwriters.

Actors workshop everyone’s scenes and one will be shot/edited. Jim’s insight will make your jokes funnier, dialogue sharper, conflict more specific, theme more coherent and your script a better read.

October 29 – Nov 2 2007 (Starts day after Expo) with a 20 student limit.

For more information click here.

“Having been world-class in another field, I know it when I see it: Jim’s mentoring is world-class.”…Wayne Chiang,1999 StarCraft World Champion.

Jim produced Hard Scrambled and was a Creative Screenwriing columnist. YouTube him to see him teach filmmaking. E-mail him:

ALSO: Jim will also be giving away his two DVDs to everyone who signs up, Killer Endings and Theme. Killer Endings has 6 reviews at Amazon, all 5 stars. Just tell Jim you found this class via Bang2write.
I would love to go to this class myself, but stuff like kids, cats and an exploding brain will get in my way this year. Let us know if you do and what you think of it!

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