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I go through phases where I become really interested in random stuff and since watching a documentary a few months’ back about Jesus Rivera’s work with anacondas, I can’t get enough of these snakes. They are so interesting! There was some amazing footage of this big mama snake (called Marion, no less) scoffing itself stupid on some kind of big water vole – and just like in cartoons, you can actually see the shape of the animal sticking out of its body! So cool, gross, scary and amazing, all at once.

As screenwriters then, it’s cool to get outside your “normal” zone and research random stuff. Of course, I’ve already been pipped to the post on a creature feature about anacondas, but that’s not what I mean; the more stuff you know and read about, surely the less chance you will run out of ideas? It’s like exercise for your brain. Read about random stuff, formulate ideas in your subconscious ready, kind of like the coffee pot left on for later. Though hopefully your idea won’t stew and taste bad.

And hey girls – how was Johnny Messner for you last night on 5 US’s showing of Anacondas: Hunt for the Blood Orchid? Bad, bad film but he kept me watching…


This guy knows everything there is to know about anacondas.

When anacondas attack – video.

Read interesting stuff about Anacondas here, here and here.

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4 thoughts on “Anacondas”

  1. As a writer of website content I do get to find out about a wide range of subjects. I’ve written for surveillance companies and pasta-making machines (not the same site).

    As a job, I love it. I think that, as writers, we need to eat and sleep anything and everything.

  2. Yeah, as writers we better have an observant eye 24/7. I mean, really, besides write, what else do we have to do?

    And as screenwriters we need to keep an eye out for the cinematic . . . things that are visual or are “scenes.” Handy in our trade.

    Side note, it always cracks me up when someone says how “prolific” we are. No, genius, we’re just writers. That’s what we do. You don’t tell a janitor how prolific a toilet cleaner he is.

  3. I went to school with a girl called Anaconda. Think her real name was Anastasia, but everyone called her that, even the teachers. She was a Goth.

    I clicked on that picture – it doesn’t have Johnny with his shirt off Lucy – swizz!

  4. Steve – I got a commission writing website content last year and now I know everything there is to know about A Levels, GNVQs and other vocational qualifications. If you need to take a course people, ask me!

    OSM – couldn’t agree more, though have you noticed that those REALLY cool “scenes” would never be believed in films even though they’re from so-called reality?

    Anya – my apologies. I of course looked EVERYWHERE for a pic of Johnny with his shirt off. But it seems he’s been very careful to not give away his pecs for free…

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