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Well, this house move has gone from bad to worse and has now plummeted, face first, into the very depths of HADES.

I can’t make it this saturday for our Scribosocial.

Of course, I’d far rather go to the pub with you lot, but the small fact of having nowhere to live this September unfortunately has to take priority and I’ve got to go to Bournemouth – again – to look at houses. Since when were there NO houses on the market?? The ones we have seen, I wouldn’t keep chickens in. I. Am. Serious. Money for old rope these buggers want. I defy them all!

However, no reason it shouldn’t go ahead anyway… For those of you who asked, I was thinking of this pub. But pick whichever you want! ; ) Unfortunately my email seems to be playing up and won’t let me send anything – “send one email at a time”, WTF? I am! – but I’ll try again later. But those of you who’ve read this and know someone who’s going on saturday, tell ’em about the change of plan, just in case!

Have a great time. Tell me all about it. *Sigh*.

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13 thoughts on “Argh”

  1. Awwwww, Lucy! I was really looking forward to seeing you, hun!! 🙁

    [big strop] [tantrum] [petted lip]

    Do you want to reschedule for another date – obviously another one that Mr Arnopp can’t make..? ;(x)

  2. hang in there Lucy!

    Hoping that you all reschedule for when i’m back (aug 4).

    hope you find your dream home. it’s probably gone for a swim.

  3. Are other people still going? Really hope so. I’m coming down a couple of days early especially and I will be LONELY otherwise. Anyone?

  4. Lara – Yeah, I wanted to see you as well luv. Still, I’ll definitely come again, most likely August anyway, we can have ANOTHER one!

    GD – damn, you’re onto me as well!

    PD – will be definitely back in August.

    Gavin – hope you find someone to go to the pub with!! Someone, go to the pub with Gavin so he’s not a billy-no-mates! Quick! (He may even buy you a pint….)

  5. I AM. I’m Billy no mates! Godammit! Everyone should now imagine me doing the sad arms limp Charlie Brown walk from off of Peanuts. WITH the music. If anybody is a fan of “Arrested Development” they know what I mean. Shame, as I was looking forward to much writer fellowship and shoulders to cry on for my MISERABLE writing month, which has been so pants as to have almost become trousers. Don’t think there’s much chance of me making the August re-convening, either, as money is tighter than a gnat’s chuff in a vise. Be there in spirit, though. Sniff.

  6. Potdoll, great that the date is changed and you can come? Or great that I won’t be able to? Wah, not the latter. Then I really will sound like Gavin No Mates, and that sounds too much like a Blog nickname. I fight it! Fight it, I say!

    PS- I would like everyone to know that, in non-comedic posting reality, I DO have an average amount of mates. And they like me, so ner.

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