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Well, we saw a very nice house yesterday, put an offer in, waiting to hear. However that’s not the important bit, nor is the fact I am going on a BLOODY PLANE just hours from now.

Lilirose has lost her Lamb of Love.

She left it in one of the many houses we viewed yesterday. We think we may have narrowed it down to the particular house, the estate agent has promised to look for it, but if he can’t find it, we. are. screwed. She can’t sleep without it. Last night was a nightmare. Best part? The lamb’s makers, Woolworths, say the lamb is not “currently available”!!! They must have one lying around a warehouse somewhere. I’m not proud, I’ll beg. However, now I feel guilty trying to replace it since all I can think of is Woody’s lament at the petrol station when he and Buzz fall out the car: “I’m a LOST TOY!” Damn that Toy Story.

I’ll keep you posted but in the mean time, if you live in the Winton area of Bournemouth keep an eye out for the little chap. Cheers.

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8 thoughts on “Disaster”

  1. Cheers mate! Kind of you to try, but unfortunately it connects you to the Woolworth’s site when you try and buy it. Send me your address, you deserve a Bang2write goodie bag…

  2. Oh no – disaster indeed. If I see one in my local Woolies I’ll snaffle it up for Lilirose.

    Have a great trip to Edinburgh! Remember & link back to my blog with any notes etc!

  3. Thanks Lara, but he was an Easter Lamb which might be why he was discontinued… : (

    Make sure you have that baby this weekend, else your suffering in NOT going to all these courses etc will have been for NOTHING! ; )

  4. At least a lost lambsie is better than fretting over being high above ground in a cylinder filled with flammable aviation fuel…

    Have a great time in haggis country.

  5. Ahhhh. Good luck finding the lamb. And dont worry about the flying, it’ll be fine.

    Is that to see Adrian and tell him how useless his courses r? 😉

  6. Thanks MJ!

    GD – how did I know you’d say something like that??

    Martin – absolutely! You’ll be glad to hear I let Adrian know in no uncertain terms…

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