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Please Hold

Normal service will be resumed shortly…As soon as my head is not going to explode, anyway. For those of you who don’t know, we are moving house and I have to get this hellhole sorted by a week next wednesday to get new carpets down and to feng shui the joint for the valuers. Please talk amongst yourselves or cast your eye over these links that I have arranged for your viewing pleasure:

Because we’re screenwriters, we all love useless facts and statistics.

If you want to see some Disco Daleks and Cybermen, click here.

Here’s some great articles and info about UFOs I found.

If you want to join a conversation debating which are cooler, vampires or werewolves, click here.

Yes it’s old, but if you enjoy Badger Badger as much as Lilirose, click here.

You think the words “disturbing cartoons” are an oxymoron? Apparently not if you click here.

Finally, if you feel you NEED HELP and want to actually procrastinate less, check out this article.

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5 thoughts on “Please Hold”

  1. Dear Lucy, Please do not disseminate yet more info and theories about us on the internet. Our race find it highly offensive that your race only believes in us via crackpots like your good self. Many thanks, ATA

  2. I’ve seen it dozens of times, but that Bager animation never ceases to amuse me. Have a look at the ‘Dumb Dinosaur’ clip on the same site. Although that might count as procrastinating.

    Hope you get the hell of moving house over and done with soon, Lucy!

  3. Moving house should come with a Government Health Warning, and lots of asprin to take the pain away.

    By the way, are you putting your children into storage too?

  4. Li – Thanks! I love Badger Badger too, I even got Czech students to sing it last time I was doing TEFL, it was great.

    Dom – Yes. Yes I am. It’s the kindest thing for them. And me.

    ATA – I didn’t say I BELIEVED in you, just that I found some interesting articles about aliens and UFOs. Because I don’t believe in you in fact, I don’t even know why I’m replying. Get lost!!! ; )

  5. Moving house Vs “rebuilding” house was the battle we had – rebuilding won, but we’re not convinced that moving wouldn’t have been easier. Having said that, they’re both goddam awful! Good luck!!!

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