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We Luv Short Shorts

Many thanks to Dave Herman, who asks about the business of finding a producer/director for your short film. So let’s fast forward the writing part. You’ve got a short: it’s amazing. Now what? As Dave rightly points out on my Facebook group Bang2writers (join here), there is a well trodden path into TV and Film (FYI, “well trodden” doesn’t mean “easy”), yet short film *feels* a lot more like a free-for-all. Where do you even start getting that film OFF the page and rendered as image? First off, I can only tell you how I’ve done it and what’s happened.… Read More »We Luv Short Shorts

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SWF09 In Brief(ish)

I went to some really interesting sessions at the SWF, outlined for you below. Here are my immediate thoughts on the whole thing: Women in film MUST be included next year. I was surprised and pleased to see loads more women than I expected and there was a consensus this needs attention next year. This made most obvious at the Son of The Pitch special when the fact there was only 1 woman out of 10 pitching was noted. Unfortunately none of the speakers from the floor complaining about it put the case particularly well I thought and I was… Read More »SWF09 In Brief(ish)

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Screenwriters’ Festival 2009

“Is Jared coming? Where is he?” These words have so far been frequently uttered, up to 100 times a day in the last three days… Factoid. But then I guess I should have known taking a fella with me who is allergic to ever turning up on time would be an issue. Luckily for me and the lovely Elinor, we have no qualms about leaving the bugger to fend for himself (rather in the same way we’ve both abandoned our children to fortune this week). Jared then turns up, out of the crowd, eyes wild with panic and booze-fuelled paranoia:… Read More »Screenwriters’ Festival 2009

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Digital Future Conference – Afternoon Sessions

Apologies it’s taken so long to post about ALL the conference sessions; I’ve been besieged with problems the last week or so, from a dead PC to leaving my notes at my Mum’s house in Devon! But here you go Riboflavin, I know you’re chomping at the bit to hear about the rest of it… Enjoy the rest of you as well! ; )—————————————————————- Lunch was a quiet affair, though I got the opportunity to meet several other “media types” in the throng, including someone from Screen Yorkshire (I shamelessly pimped my script reading ass, natch) and another person writing… Read More »Digital Future Conference – Afternoon Sessions

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Film, the Digital Future – The Morning Sessions

First off, apologies for not getting this lot up on Wednesday – a dead PC and multiple domestic crises pertaining to Christmas got in the way. But here you go!————————————————————————- The conference was moderated by Nick Roddick of Split Screen, a Brighton-based publishing and consultancy company. He opened with the notion that it is not a “digital future” so much as a “digital present” and this really resonated with me: I have spent so long producing simply words on a page that I have not really given much thought to the changing face of production. Just how will we be… Read More »Film, the Digital Future – The Morning Sessions

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