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Top 10 Quotes On First Drafts

Spanish speaker? Many thanks to Sergio from Bloguionistas for translating this post into Spanish! READ IT HERE. If like me you’re struggling with an unwieldy first draft of your novel or screenplay right now, I thought you might appreciate some of these quotes from famous people on the process. Some of the quotes are uber-famous (especially number 1), plus I don’t agree with all of them (number 8 can go jump in particular, I’d say it’s TORTURE atm!) but it’s definitely a useful exercise to remember ALL writers go through this. So keep on keeping on, Bang2writers! Need MORE inspiration?… Read More »Top 10 Quotes On First Drafts

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20 Inspirational Quotes Writers Can Learn From (And Why)

 Sign up for the B2W Mailing List, HERE! Need more inspiration? Then check out my screenwriting books. 1) “If you fell down yesterday, stand up today.” H.G. Wells This is the thing. If you don’t go for it, you can never succeed. So don’t stay down. GET UP! MORE: Making It As A Writer: 25 Reasons You Haven’t Yet 2) “Failure is a greater teacher than success” Clarissa Pinkola Estés Often writers will say to me they’ve “wasted” time on various rewrites and drafts and even entire stories, trying to find out what works. But let me be clear: learning what DOESN’T… Read More »20 Inspirational Quotes Writers Can Learn From (And Why)

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