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8 Useful Tips To Win Screenwriting Competitions

“How to win screenwriting competitions” is one of the top Google searches bringing writers to this blog, so when Sasha got in touch with this great, informative blog post I couldn’t resist! As a competition script reader and organiser myself, I realise there’s no *guaranteed* way of getting ahead in screewriting contests … But I HAVE noted writers doing the same submission shockers over and over that definitely count against them! So check out this  great info here that will help you better your chances, plus there’s a comprehensive list of screenwriting competitions at the end of the post. Enjoy!… Read More »8 Useful Tips To Win Screenwriting Competitions

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7 Reasons Why Being A Teenage Parent Made My Career

I Was A Teenage Parent I stick up for teenage parents every chance I get. If you’ve followed this blog a while, you’ll know I was a teenage Mum ‘back in the day’. Far from apologising for this, or thinking it’s any way shameful, I actually celebrate this. Yes you read that right. I’m proud I was a teenage parent. My pride is not just because I went up against some pretty exceptional odds and became a professional writer ‘despite’ having my son young. **I**  am not exceptional, either. I know LOADS of brilliant teenage parents who are kicking ass… Read More »7 Reasons Why Being A Teenage Parent Made My Career

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My Writing Story, pt 1: University

Miss Read has been writing about her own experiences at university doing a scriptwriting degree, which has got me thinking about mine. I’ve had a roundabout journey in scriptwriting, falling into script reading on the way and giving up on this whole lark more than once in pursuit of a more “sensible” job. But it seems I just can’t keep away, ‘cos I’m still going… Let us know how you got into it in the comments section.————————————————————————————-When I decided to become a writer, I was 18 and had dabbled with the creative arts my whole life. I’d done a journalism… Read More »My Writing Story, pt 1: University

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Combe Martin & Berrynarbor, North Devon

Devon is a bit of an enigma: people outside the area look at a map of the UK and think it must be pretty small; that all Devonians must know someone Cornish since the two counties are bang next door to each other. The reality is, it takes longer to go from one end of Devon to the other by car than it takes to get to London by rail from the town I live in. The reason for the unfair comparison between car and rail by the way is because there are practically no trains IN Devon: the network… Read More »Combe Martin & Berrynarbor, North Devon

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Travel Writing

I could not have had a busier or noisier day yesterday than if I had actually purchased a ticket right into the jaws of Hell for a one-day round-trip round Satan’s lair. I got on a train from Devon to Paddington at 9am only to be greeted by a multitude of already-drunk Arsenal and West Ham fans, complaining Rugby fans (who were still drinking, but apparently in a “sensible” fashion, unlike their football-obsessed counterparts) and an old Chap from Sidmouth who wanted to tell anyone who would listen about his charity work and his dog, Sarah. I asked why he… Read More »Travel Writing

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