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The Long Distance Screenwriter, Part Two

As promised, part two of my notes. Hey boy, hey girl, Superstar DJ… Here we go! Skillset. Adrian recommended in the first instance that all writers familiarise themselves with the work and opportunities available through Skillset. Knowing what one can get funding for and how helps writers make decisions and book training, courses etc that *could* make all the difference to their career. However, it’s surprising how few writers know exactly how Skillset works or what they fund. So go check it out! Film Festivals. Film Festivals can be a great place to network and get new leads from, even… Read More »The Long Distance Screenwriter, Part Two

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The Long Distance Screenwriter, Part One

First off, hello to everyone I met at the weekend! I had a brilliant time as always, though many apologies both to Elinor (I threw coleslaw over her) and MA David for the coughing fit. Whoops. So: onto my notes since that’s why everyone’s really here… Stand Out Scripts. In no particular order then, largely because my notes are in chaos: Adrian took the morning session and talked about three main points that make out “stand out” TV scripts. These were – Originality– Controversy– “New Realisation”– High Concept Originality is straight forward: it’s that elusive quality all us writers face… Read More »The Long Distance Screenwriter, Part One

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Planes, Adrian Mead, Naked Men and Fire Drills…

…Doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, does it? 😛 What a weird and wonderful weekend I’ve had. I simply must tell you all the gory details, since if I hadn’t lived it and seen it all through my own eyes, I would have thought it was one of those Steve Martin 80s comedies. Maybe it was. Perhaps, somewhere near Bristol is a Being John Malkovich-style-portal that I slipped through, since my adventures began when I got to the airport. Everything was fine until I checked in. So actually, crap from the start. Some little Hitler not only threw… Read More »Planes, Adrian Mead, Naked Men and Fire Drills…

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Scriptwriting Courses

Many thanks to Steve May, Course Director on the MA Screenwriting and Producing for Film and TV at Westminster University who reminded me to re-post some particularly important articles from the old blog! Long term Bang2write Readers will remember my post on short scriptwriting courses and its follow-up on Scriptwriting degrees: there were some very interesting, albeit mixed responses. With another academic year on its way out then and September sneaking up on us like the crafty so-and-so it is, I thought now was the time to revisit my posts, update them, add to them and see if we could… Read More »Scriptwriting Courses

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