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Planes, Adrian Mead, Naked Men and Fire Drills…

…Doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, does it? 😛 What a weird and wonderful weekend I’ve had. I simply must tell you all the gory details, since if I hadn’t lived it and seen it all through my own eyes, I would have thought it was one of those Steve Martin 80s comedies. Maybe it was. Perhaps, somewhere near Bristol is a Being John Malkovich-style-portal that I slipped through, since my adventures began when I got to the airport. Everything was fine until I checked in. So actually, crap from the start. Some little Hitler not only threw… Read More »Planes, Adrian Mead, Naked Men and Fire Drills…

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Scriptwriting Courses

Many thanks to Steve May, Course Director on the MA Screenwriting and Producing for Film and TV at Westminster University who reminded me to re-post some particularly important articles from the old blog! Long term Bang2write Readers will remember my post on short scriptwriting courses and its follow-up on Scriptwriting degrees: there were some very interesting, albeit mixed responses. With another academic year on its way out then and September sneaking up on us like the crafty so-and-so it is, I thought now was the time to revisit my posts, update them, add to them and see if we could… Read More »Scriptwriting Courses

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