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While You’re Here …

Have you taken advantage of all the B2W freebies that are available? Here are some of the most popular recently …

The Ultimate Thriller Writing Checklist – so many writers want to write a thriller screenplay or novel, but don’t end up hitting ANY of the important markers of this difficult genre. Lucy launched this freebie to celebrate the special tenth anniversary of her bestselling non-fiction book, now titled: Writing & Selling Thriller Screenplays From Feature Film To TV Pilot. (Psssst, you could even use the insights in this book to write your own thriller novel … Lucy does!).

How To Write Kickass Characters – this FREE masterclass was new for 2023, to celebrate 20 years of B2W. Whether you’re writing a novel or a screenplay, this 90 minute masterclass will take you through all the important aspects of characterisation. This includes role function and motivation, stereotype versus archetype, how tropes work and so much more. When great characters are a non-negotiable in the 2020s, you won’t want to miss this. Also includes worksheets and hand-outs to help you with your work in progress. Good luck!

How NOT To Write Female Characters – here’s a free ebook that does exactly what it says on the tin. Since it was published in 2018, it’s been downloaded almost ten thousand times! Female viewers and readers are not only half your target audience, statistics show they also stream more, go to the cinema more AND read more than men … it just doesn’t make sense to short-change them with two-dimensional female characters any more. Grab your free ebook to make sure you’re not dropping any serious clangers and avoid the script reader’s wrath!

Don’t Forget Your Free Online Mini-Course

B2W has offered on-demand courses and trainings on Teachable for a few years now. They’re designed to help you with your writing craft or careers, plus you can take them whenever you like, at your own pace.

Join 2500+ Bang2writers in taking the FREE online mini-course, The Foundations of Writing Craft.

It will take you through concept, characters and structure for your novel or screenplay. Keep your notifications ON so you will hear about launches and special offers for new courses and trainings.

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The PDF Downloads Gallery includes:

  • Logline cheat sheet
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  • Screenplay format guide
  • Female characters checklist
  • And more!

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