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More on B2W about Female Characters

Read the ebook, but want even more info about writing female characters? No problem, B2W’s got you covered!

Scroll down for some of my most popular posts on this topic. Whether you’re …

  • A male writer who wants to avoid cliched or tropey female characters
  • Or a female writer who wants to write about your own experience
  • Someone who wants to know what female character tropes are popular right now
  • Or someone who is frustrated with so-called ‘femcrit’ online or
  • Someone who wants to know how character motivation is key NO MATTER the character’s gender

There’s something for you here! Don’t forget there’s loads more commentary on female characters on the rest of the site too.

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Top 10 B2W Articles About Female Characters

There are some key mistakes to avoid when writing female characters. Check these out for size. 

Top 5 Mistakes Writers Make Writing Women

Yes, male writers can get a bum rap online when it comes to writing female characters … but here’s why. 

The Truth About Male Writers And Awful Female Characters

But OF COURSE male writers can write fantastic female characters! Here’s why we need to stay away from the notion that you ‘have’ to be female to write a great female character. 

Yes, Male Writers CAN Write Fantastic Female Characters

Tropes are recurrent ideas we see in fiction – but they are NOT automatically cliches. Check these out. 

3 Unusual Female Character Tropes Audiences Can’t Get Enough Of Right Now

Every single year THAT Oscar infographic about female characters and dialogue does the rounds … but here’s why it’s utter bullshit. 

No, Your Female Characters Don’t Just Need More Dialogue

‘Strong female character’ is so 2009, dahlink. Here’s what we should be concentrating on in the 2020s. 

It’s Time To Call Bullshit On ‘Strong Female Characters’

If you want to write a great female character, listen to someone who’s done it. 

10 Lessons On Writing Women From Phoebe Waller-Bridge

This is probably not the word you think … here’s why it’s so problematic. 

1 Word That Will Kill Your Female Characters DEAD

A great female character is a great character who happens to be female … and a great character has a relatable motivation. 

How Does Character Motivation Work? (Your Secret To Writing Great Characters)

This surprising female character trope is still super-popular and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Top 10 Fearless Female Archers In Movies And TV

Good luck with your novels and screenplays!

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