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Write For B2W – Guest Posts Wanted!

Want To Write For B2W?

If you want to write for B2W, you have come to the right place … This website is always looking for quality content. Please note these submissions guidelines have been updated for 2023. 

B2W welcomes guest posts on …

  • screenwriting craft
  • novel writing craft
  • freelance writing / making money writing
  • writing careers
  • Self esteem, procrastination and other writing problems
  • industry issues facing writers
  • submission tips  (see below pic for full content tips)

I can promise guest posters that I will roll out their article to B2W’s highly engaged following, not only via social media but also newsletter. B2W never retires guest posts and those that perform well will be rolled out multiple times. I will also ensure relevant content links will be shared at my workshops (especially on Zoom) and in response to Bang2writers’ questions.

White_Write for B2W

The site is primarily interested in the following …

Listicles (8 Reasons / 10 Secrets / 5 Mistakes)

The vast majority of articles on B2W are Listicles. The most successful series B2W runs is ‘Top 5 Mistakes’ and ’10 Quick Tips’. Click the links to see the most recent.

Pro Writer ‘Rules’ Posts

Pick a pro author, screenwriter or filmmaker and google quotes by them, like Jordan Peele’s HERE or Shonda Rhimes’ HERE.

Alternatively, you could put their own writing theories under the microscope like William Goldman’s 10 Writing Commandments HERE or Dan Harmon’s Story Circle HERE.

Round them all up and then tell us what writers can learn from their approach. These posts are SUPER popular on B2W.

‘How Tos’

When writing a ‘How To’, the post needs to have a very clear objective and conclusion. Here’s an example, How To Write TV Series Bibles.

‘X Things I Learned From …’ articles

Have you been to an event; met a top writer, producer or filmmaker; or seen or read something (or something else) that has TAUGHT you important insights or lessons about writing? Then we’d love to hear all about it!!

Here are the previous articles in this series, which include writer Julian Fellowes, director Luc Besson, producer Iain Smith and more.

Quote posts

Every writer needs some added inspiration when they’ve been rejected, so quote posts about writing, success, getting over writers’ block etc are popular on B2W.

Quote posts need to have some reflection on what the quotes mean, rather than just a straight list – though how you do this is up to you. Check out all the quotes posts, HERE.

IMPORTANT NOTE on content 

Primarily the B2W community is most interested most in screenwriting, but also filmmaking (especially shorts and/or very low budget features); novel writing; diverse and marginalised characters, writers and filmmakers; social media marketing; writing careers; inspiration for writers; writing submissions and networking. Though some posts go outside this remit, B2W never ever carries articles about research papers or writing essays.

What is B2W?

Bang2write is a website about writing, but it’s so much more. B2W is a whole community of likeminded people all helping one another. We’re a platform of 35,000+ highly engaged audience members, with potential online reach of 1-2.5M, especially via Twitter and Facebook. Follow:

B2W is owned and run by Lucy V Hay, an author, educator and script editor.


Who is welcome on B2W?

In short, ALL creatives are welcome on B2W!! Those from the disabled, LGBT and BAME communities are positively encouraged, as is true feminist critique.

Pro bloggers and freelance writers are also welcome on B2W, providing they understand the community’s content preference and the fact this is an unpaid opportunity (I’m not paid either!). Here’s a list of a whopping 121 sites that DO pay.

Lastly, non-native English speakers are also welcome, but being a writing site, you must be proficient as I don’t have a lot of time to edit extensively. Thanks for understanding.

INFOGRAPHIC: B2W’s House Style

Please note B2W has a very specific house style. This is to ensure as many eyes on, and engagement with, your guest post.

Here is what it looks like …

B2W Style Guide

600-800 word count is optimum; 300 word minimum please. Infographics welcome.

B2W usually has very short introductions (1-2 sentences maximum) before launching into the main body of the article. You can use a conclusion if you want to, but you don’t have to. Nearly all B2W articles sign off with ‘Good luck!’

Subheadings are usually very obvious so ‘skimmers’ can get the gist of the article when scrolling on their phones.

Blog posts generally end up looking something like this (pic on the left).

SEO Considerations

Please note B2W uses SEO (search engine optimisation). SEO is not compulsory but it is appreciated. It also means your article is more likely to get accepted and put online quickly.

  • Your headline needs to be optimised and to contain your key word. Test yours at this headline analyser, HERE.
  • Your key word or phrase (ie. ‘femme fatale’, ‘Quentin Tarantino’, ‘archetype’, ‘one page pitch’ etc) needs to appear a certain number of times – usually 3-5 times). Please try and be creative with key words!
  • Try and avoid super-long sentences of 15-20 words or more.
  • Please link to at least one relevant previous B2W article and one relevant article ‘off-B2W’.
  • You can link to your sites and pages in your BIO at the bottom of the article.
  • Please do not link to essay writing sites in the body of the article or quote people randomly.

Please send jpegs separately if there is a specific image you want used.

Lastly, please be sure you own the image, or provide a rights-free one. For a list of free photo libraries, CLICK HERE.

FYI: the ‘house style’ of B2W might be ‘smack talk’, but it always has a POSITIVE SPIN. For a typical example of this style in action on the blog, CLICK HERE.

Hate speech, flaming, complaints, whinging, ‘woe-is-me, the world is terrible and writers are all fascists’-type commentary is NOT WELCOME! 😉

Submission Guidelines

1) Please send a short pitch for an article in the first instance VIA EMAIL.

2) Do tell me a little about yourself and include any links to other articles you feel are appropriate.

3) Please make sure you’ve read these guidelines! 😉

Many thanks!

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