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How To Write Kickass Characters In Your Novel Or Screenplay

Your Free Masterclass

Below at the bottom of this page is your ninety-minute video masterclass on character development. 

In this video tutorial, I shine a light on …

  • The non-negotiables your characters need
  • Why character & plot are inextricably linked
  • How iconic characters are such game-changers
  • Why archetypes are so important in the 2020s
  • Why Twitter is wrong about characterisation
  • How writers can use stereotypes to good effect (yes, really!)
  • Why storytelling tropes are NOT the same as clichés

… and much, much more! Good luck making your own characters kickass.

 By the way: this masterclass was recorded with an audience, so when I say ‘drop in the chat’ by all means share your thoughts here on this page in the comments.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: As with any B2W masterclass, live stream, workshop or article, there is discussion of marginalised characters – especially LGBTQ, BIPOC and female leads (including antiheroes and villains). If you consider such topics ‘wokist’ ‘pandering’ or similar, kindly do me and the rest of the Bangers a favour and p*** off! Thanks. 

Your Free Resources for this Masterclass

Below you will find your free resources for the masterclass. Simply click on them to download them.

  1. The B2W Great Characters ‘5 Ws’ Worksheet. This worksheet consolidates the ‘5 Ws – who/what/where/when/why. This will help you focus on your characters and make them kickass! Find out what their ‘non-negotiables’ are, plus how you can use elements like archetypes and tropes to your story’s best advantage WITHOUT being reductive or offensive.
  2. ‘Useful Terms’ B2W Cheat Sheet. Find it difficult to remember all this literary /analytical stuff? You’re not alone! This useful cheat sheet doc has all the definitions laid out for you. Why not print it out and fix to your wall?
  3. The Masterclass Slides (as PDF). No need to fiddle about trying to take screenshots of the masterclass screen – the slides are here for your reference. Good luck with your script or novel!
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