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How To Hack The Pitching Process

Got A Pitching S.O.S?

So you’ve found a script call, writing contest or pitching opportunity for your spec screenplay or unpublished novel. Great news!

But wait … you need a logline (aka ‘short pitch’). ACK.

You probably know a great cover letter, query email, online pitchfest or Zoom meeting needs a logline if you want to sell your writing to agents, publishers, producers or other industry pros.

Working with writers, I’ve noted most really struggle with loglines (aka ‘short pitches’ if you are a novelist). Yet being able to pitch our stories helps us SELL our stories to literary agents, publishers, producers, filmmakers and audiences or readers in …

  • Cover letters
  • Query Emails 
  • Pitchfests (both online & in real life)
  • Meetings and networking events (‘What are you working on?)
  • Writing contests, schemes and initiatives 
  • Funding bids with investors 
  • Kickstarter, IndieGoGo and Unbound campaigns
  • Online listings – Amazon, Netflix, Prime etc

In other words, a great logline can make ALL THE DIFFERENCE in getting our writing in front of the right people! 

But boiling down an entire book or script to just 1-2 sentences can be a nightmare. Where do you start??

Also, how do you know if yours is any good or not?? EEK!

Hack The Pitching Process …

… with B2W’s Logline Hacks!!

‘Logline Hacks’ refers to useful components, templates or formulas to help writers ‘focus’ on what they need in their logline. I have identified and broken down a whopping TWENTY logline hacks in my new online mini course to help writers hack their loglines at every level, with every type and style of story.  

Want a taster of what I mean? No problem – grab your Logline Hacks free worksheet NOW by entering your email and hitting the button above.

I’ve distilled everything I know about loglines from working with writers into the Logline Hacks mini course. I have used all of them with multiple Bang2writers over the years, so KNOW they work. If you want to check out the other 19 Logline Hacks I identified, check out the course HERE.

Enjoy your freebie and feel free to pass it on to other writers you think will benefit. See you online!

Happy Hacking!

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