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Grab Your FREE 90-Minute Masterclass on Characterisation!

Characterisation is HARD

B2W has worked with writers for twenty years now. One thing that gets writers tying themselves up in knots – newbie to pro, plus everyone in-between – is characterisation. Yet in the 2020s, characterisation is everything!

Crafting believable and well-rounded characters requires a deep understanding of human psychology, emotions, and behaviour. We must carefully balance elements such as backstory, character motivation, conflict, and arcs, to create characters that resonate with audiences and readers. What’s more, characters must be relatable and engaging while ALSO serving the narrative purpose and contributing to the overall story structure.

Yikes! No wonder it’s so difficult … But don’t worry – B2W’s got you covered!

Grab Your FREE 90-Minute Masterclass on Characterisation

In this masterclass, B2W details all the things I wish I had known about characterisation back when I started.

These things include (but are not limited to) …

  • The 2 non-negotiables your characters MUST have
  • Why so-called ‘likeability’ is total BS (especially when it comes to female leads!)
  • What the difference is between archetype and stereotype
  • Why people will have differing opinions on your character (and that’s okay!)
  • How we can use storytelling tropes WITHOUT resorting to cliché
  • Why character and plot are inextricably linked

Your B2W Resources To Help You With Your Characters

In addition to the free B2W masterclass, there’s resources to help you with your characters too. These include …

  • A characterisation worksheet to help you dig deep and ensure your characters have nuance & layers
  • Useful visual representations about character and plot and how they work together
  • A PDF of the class slides (no need to fiddle around taking screenshots!)
  • Plus a stack of further linkage about characterisation to help you, too.

But make sure you can give it your full attention — this stuff is GOLD! Hit the subscribe button below.

Where shall I send it?

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Happy writing!

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