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Simple Works

I’ve written before that I reckon scribes can learn a lot from narrative-based music videos: the specs I read are often convoluted in the extreme in terms of plot and Bang2writers sometimes confess they’re not sure how to simplify their stories. A music video then is a great way of showing how simple yet effective a story *can* be. So check this one out. The story’s simple as hell, draws on nostalgia big time for my generation AND has a great twist at the end… Yet crucially is not such an “in” joke that anyone who doesn’t “get” that in-joke… Read More »Simple Works

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Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Write Here, Write Now has been flagged as a spam blog! Outrage! I wondered why I wasn’t able to save posts any longer as I was working on them and kept losing stuff (so I hope you’ve been appreciating my last few posts, they took frickin’ ages! Okay, I should have just clicked the “what’s this?” button on the word verifier thingie ten days ago but that would have been too easy). But anyway, whilst I iron out this not-so-teensy issue with Blogger (and write my posts in Word first!), feast your eyes on this fantastic video courtesy of the… Read More »Experiencing Technical Difficulties

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