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X Things I Learned Series

7 Lessons We Learned From Our Blog’s First Year

It’s Networking Tuesday! We’re kicking off Festival Week for LondonSWF with some thoughts on online networking via blogs and social media, courtesy of Arno at @FilmSchreiben. Arno’s tips are bang on the money and I recognise going through several things he mentions with the B2W site, many moons ago. So learn from our mistakes and enjoy! We did it! One year ago a script consultant friend of mine and I launched a German blog on screenwriting, Film Schreiben (Film Writing). Now we’ve just celebrated our first birthday with 180 articles and links by eight authors, so we’d like to share… Read More »7 Lessons We Learned From Our Blog’s First Year

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5 Things I Learned At Berlinale

Many thanks to Stephen Potts, who’s just arrived back in the UK from the Berlinale Film Festival and very helpfully written a newbie’s guide for the rest of us Bang2writers! Enjoy everyone and over to you Stephen … I’m heading home from my first trip to the Berlin Film Festival, still very much a newbie: but here are the five things I wish I’d known before I arrived five days ago. 1) Berlin(ale) is BIG Thousands of delegates and hundreds of screenings are spread across scores of venues in this large capital city. The central action is at Potsdamer Platz,… Read More »5 Things I Learned At Berlinale

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4 Things I Learned As B2W Intern by Luke Kondor

Alas, the one of Kondor depart today –  Luke has written some GREAT copy for B2W on transmedia, marketing and indie storytelling and really shown us all what’s-what in the opportunities at our fingertips this summer, catch up on all his articles HERE. Please wish him the very best of luck in his new endeavours, Bang2writers! Best of luck Luke in your fab new job in London! Click the pic to follow Luke on Twitter, beyond the realms of B2W! I’m done. I’m out. I’m finished. I’ve been here for a short while, but boy I learned a lot. When… Read More »4 Things I Learned As B2W Intern by Luke Kondor

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5 Things I Learned In A 10 Min Q + A With Luc Besson

I’ve been a huge fan of Luc Besson since I was a teenager in the 90s and THE FIFTH ELEMENT came out (“I am Corbin Dallas!”) so I was delighted to receive KT Parker’s guest post on LUCY, which obviously Luc named after **me**! Thanks KT and enjoy, everybody … LUCY hit the screens in Paris last week and Luc Besson, who both wrote and directed it, was doing no less than 6 “avant-premières” all over town. Those of you who don’t live in France may be wondering, what on earth is an avant-première? Well, it’s like a première minus… Read More »5 Things I Learned In A 10 Min Q + A With Luc Besson

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5 Transmedia Lessons Learned from “Loves Of A Cyclops”

“Transmedia” is the latest buzzword in the industry, but many Bang2writers still aren’t really sure what it means! Luke is talking to the team behind Loves Of A Cyclops this week to shed some light on this great opportunity to get your work out there and create a following for your project … Enjoy! Loves Of A Cyclops is a short film project … sort of. It’s also a photograph collection, a series of audio snippets, an immersive experience in web design and modern aesthetics, and a ball of quirky fun. it’s a great example of what Transmedia can be.… Read More »5 Transmedia Lessons Learned from “Loves Of A Cyclops”

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14 Things I Learned Pitching In Hollywood

I’m not a well-known writer, but I have sold eight original movie ideas from pitches, (mostly to Hollywood studios), and had many more commissions for book adaptations, re-writes and production polishes, (generally the sort of script doctoring that rarely gets your name on screen or on imdb, but can make you look like a serious contender to your bank manager). I’ve made horrendous cock-ups in pitch meetings. This is not an exhaustive list, nor are these points in order of importance, just things I learned along the way. (It was less of a learning curve, more of a “learning cliff”). 1)… Read More »14 Things I Learned Pitching In Hollywood

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