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Guest Post: Writing AND Finishing The First Draft Script by Steve Bromby

Having trouble finishing your first draft? Just getting words on paper sometimes can be a frustrating and infuriating business, so many thanks to Bang2writer Steve Bromby, who offers these insights on FINISHING the first draft… Enjoy!____________________________________________________So, you’re writing a screenplay that’s gonna turn the horror genre on its head, or maybe a spec TV pilot about a favourite historical figure and you’re hip deep into that first draft? Excellent. But wait, there’s a problem. You’ve discovered that something’s stopping you from getting past a certain point, and you don’t know what it is. Maybe you’re not halfway through, but more… Read More »Guest Post: Writing AND Finishing The First Draft Script by Steve Bromby

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Novel Writing # 1

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook or have read my bio, then you know I’m writing a novel at the moment. I wrote an in-depth pitch at first – about ten pages, rather like a script treatment – so technically I know exactly how the plot is supposed to work out. I have a beginning, a middle and end. I have all the character bios. I have a “statement of intent” (or writers’ vision). So actually, I guess it’s more like a series bible. So I’ve done all the planning I usually do. But that’s where the similarity… Read More »Novel Writing # 1

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New Articles for the Required Reading Post

Not a member of Twelve Point? Are you nuts! Just £29 a year gives you access to a wealth of articles, info and other writers at the press of a mouse. But don’t take my word for it — take a look at their FREE articles, below. Like what you see? Then sign up, it’s as simple as that!!! I’ll be putting them in the right sections of The Required Reading Post as soon as I get round to it. Enjoy!————————————————-FREE ARTICLE: The digital world 1 : How writers and filmmakers can use it to succeed, by Laura WilsonThis series… Read More »New Articles for the Required Reading Post

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Welcome To Rom Com Hell: 8 Awful Ways To Write Romantic Comedy

Rom Com / Real Life Hell Rom Com was always one of those genres I avoided through my teens and early twenties. Being a Goth, I was way too cool for boy-meets-girl, obviously. Besides which, by 18 I was a total cynic … I had after all been the girl who’d met the boy, then got knocked up and ripped off by him! I’d been left with a broken heart, a wailing baby and a man-hating attitude problem for approximately five years.  I was also of the (not unreasonable) belief that post-FOUR WEDDINGS in the late 90’s/early noughties that all… Read More »Welcome To Rom Com Hell: 8 Awful Ways To Write Romantic Comedy

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