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Top 5 Mistakes series

Top 5 Submissions Mistakes Writers Make

1) Not reading the submissions guidelines Seriously, always read the submissions guidelines and/or the FAQs. What’s more, every single time I head up a writing competition or scheme, I get sent the wrong documents by overeager writers … Or worse, I get blank ones! Look, I get it. Everyone makes mistakes, plus sometimes technology is responsible for not delivering attachments, but it’s still very easy to avoid these clangers. 2) Sending to the wrong person/ place Don’t send a comedy script to a horror filmmaker; don’t send a heartfelt drama piece to an agent or publisher that specialises in science… Read More »Top 5 Submissions Mistakes Writers Make

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Top 5 Mistakes Writers Make Giving Feedback

So, I’ll be running a new series on B2W, this time “Top 5 Mistakes”. I’m kicking off with Feedback and will be following up with my top 5 mistakes on Submissions. Have an idea for another in this series? Then let me know in the comments, on Twitter or via email. First off then, here’s my top 5 mistakes on GIVING feedback – Enjoy … and BEWARE! 1) Highjacking Another Writer’s Vision Look, we get it – it might seem OBVIOUS to you how the story has missed opportunities, or that writing a story *that* way just doesn’t work. But… Read More »Top 5 Mistakes Writers Make Giving Feedback

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