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The Screenwriter’s Career Guide

How To Get The Most Out of #Londonswf: BE PREPARED!!

So 95 days until London Screenwriters’ Festival. That’s loooooooooads of time, right? No need to think about all that stuff right … … OMFG ARE YOU SERIOUS?? Dudes, if you want to get the most of the fest this October? You gotta be prepared. And I mean SERIOUSLY prepared. To the max. And you gotta get started NOW, like an uber-efficient girl or boy scout that never sleeps Zombie-style but is a lean mean writing machine like that bloke out of that thing. TBH I was never in the scouts, but had I been, I would have been an EVIL SCOUT and… Read More »How To Get The Most Out of #Londonswf: BE PREPARED!!

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5 Career Strategies For Writers

All About Careers Various Bang2writers have been asking me, especially on Twitter, about career and submissions strategies, so here’s a quick breakdown of approaches you may want to consider/try. As ever, the usual disclaimer: “buyer beware” and do your homework on all submissions opportunities … Plus, *obviously* nothing “guarantees” success and you may find you want to/need to tweak various elements of these approaches to suit your own life. Equally, if you have a strategy you feel I’ve missed here, let me know in the comments section and I’ll add it. Before we get started, here are resources that are… Read More »5 Career Strategies For Writers

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10 Lies Writers Tell Themselves, Pt 2: Careers

Following on from my last post on The Lies Writers Tell Themselves regarding their own writing, here’s my top 10 on those fibs writers tell themselves re: their careers. Recognise any of these? 10. My time on blogs, social media/ bulletins, forums etc is well spent. As we all know: using blogs, social media and various bulletins/forums etc is a GREAT way of networking and developing your career. Except when it’s not. Know what you’re doing. The internet is a TOOL. Use it wisely. Don’t undermine your own credibility online. 9. It’s all luck anyway aka It’s who you know.… Read More »10 Lies Writers Tell Themselves, Pt 2: Careers

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Blog Hop: My Next Book – Writing & Selling Thriller Screenplays (Sept 2013)

Many thanks to Natasha aka Script Smart for tagging me in this Blog Hop, which consists of   ten questions and then tagging other authors/writers. So here’s mine: 1. What is the working title of your next book? I’m currently editing WRITING AND SELLING THRILLER SCREENPLAYS. It’s a non-fiction book about, oh – you can probably guess. At the moment I’m contacting all the industry peeps I can think of to contribute quotes on either writing or selling Thriller screenplays, so readers can have as many great insights as possible from the industry. 2. Where did the idea come from… Read More »Blog Hop: My Next Book – Writing & Selling Thriller Screenplays (Sept 2013)

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Creating Your Career

It’s *that* time of year when scriptwriting, media and filmmaking students come to the end of their courses and find themselves looking for work. Whilst exhilarating, it’s also a strange and frightening time; I remember it well. In comparison to many other courses – where you *are* what you trained for, ‘cos there’s a piece of paper with a degree on saying so (ie. a teacher, a doctor) – it feels as if you need to START ALL OVER AGAIN. And in some ways, this is exactly what you do: gone is the “safe environment” where you’ve explored the craft,… Read More »Creating Your Career

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Adrian Mead, "The Screenwriter’s Career Guide", July 04 09

So I went to Adrian Mead’s class yesterday – as usual it was a pleasure to see Adrian, who was on great form despite the fact the venue hadn’t delivered so much as a flip chart for him; plus the likes of the marvellous David Bishop, Michelle Goode, Laurence Timms and all the fabulous Athena Laydeez were there too – hi girls! For those of you who don’t know, Athena is a mentoring scheme run by Initialize Films specifically for women screenwriters. Funded by Skillset, the aim is to get women on the feature “ladder” so to speak and secure… Read More »Adrian Mead, "The Screenwriter’s Career Guide", July 04 09

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