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4 Top Tips For Entering Short Film Contests

A great post from Rob at Eastleigh Film Festival today, reminding us there are plenty of traps your short films can fall into and how to avoid them … As a script reader, I read A LOT of short film screenplays for both contests and individuals and can relate to every single one of the points he raises! SERIOUSLY. So don’t drop these clangers in your next short script writers and makers – also, make sure you check out EFF’s Industry Day, happening Sept 25th (you don’t have to live in Eastleigh to go, I’m told!). Over to you, Rob… Read More »4 Top Tips For Entering Short Film Contests

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8 Ways For Screenwriters To Get Collaborating & Making

Many thanks to Matthew, who asked me this question via email recently: “I’m an aspiring screenwriter and have written a number of short film scripts that could be made on a low budget or for free … I’ve been searching Google furiously for ideas, but I’ve yet to find a way of getting in contact with anyone who might be interested in using my scripts. As I don’t have any writing credits yet, it would be good to just get something made, and I enjoy the collaborative process of making films. I can do the writing part fine, but I have no idea about… Read More »8 Ways For Screenwriters To Get Collaborating & Making

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All Hail The Sales Agent

Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows I’m well up for the recent tide turn that has led to many, many screenwriters turning to DIY filmmaking. No longer content to sit on the sidelines or get it stuck to them, screenwriters have risen up to be counted by the bucketload, even me. And good on them… Well, maybe not all of them. Like all good things in the yin and yang of filmmaking [and indeed life n’ stuff], there are inevitably some bad things too. And I’m not even talking about those nutters who can’t tell the basics of a… Read More »All Hail The Sales Agent

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