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Relationships & Teamwork

We all know by now it’s not JUST about the writing. We should all be getting “out there” and creating relationships, too. But what does this really mean, bar the obvious, like not hiding away out of sight? I am not a religious person and nor is my family, but I went to a church school when I was a little kid. Obviously much was made then of various tales and parables in the scriptures, particularly ones about teamwork, like: A father takes his son out to a forest and shows him a stick. He gives it to his son… Read More »Relationships & Teamwork

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The London Book Fair, Monday Apr 19th – Notes

I attended the London Book Fair this Monday just past… Here’s what I learned in three seminars there. Enjoy!——————————Assess Your Manuscript – Rebecca Swift, The Literary Consultancy Several Bang2writers have used this service for their own novels and spoken highly of it, so I was keen to hear what Rebecca had to say. I was a little disappointed to hear what I felt was essentially a extended sales pitch for the full half hour: I’d have liked to hear about Rebecca’s own experiences with the slush pile and HOW she might assess a person’s manuscript (as the title of the… Read More »The London Book Fair, Monday Apr 19th – Notes

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All Hail The Sales Agent

Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows I’m well up for the recent tide turn that has led to many, many screenwriters turning to DIY filmmaking. No longer content to sit on the sidelines or get it stuck to them, screenwriters have risen up to be counted by the bucketload, even me. And good on them… Well, maybe not all of them. Like all good things in the yin and yang of filmmaking [and indeed life n’ stuff], there are inevitably some bad things too. And I’m not even talking about those nutters who can’t tell the basics of a… Read More »All Hail The Sales Agent

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Sales Agents: Just The Way It Is

Lots of Bang2writers believe the biggest *thing* to aim for is an option on their spec script. It’s not: not only does your piece have to survive the development process with the optioning producer/company (for the script you option will NOT be the one that is filmed), the finished film then needs to be sold by Sales Agents to various territories – Europe and USA being the two biggies. Once these projects are sold this then means stuff like the film getting a theatrical release, DVD, etc, what is commonly termed as “distribution”. Distribution is not automatic, just because the… Read More »Sales Agents: Just The Way It Is

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[Guest] Thought For The Day: My Lightbulb Moment By Adrian Mead

Last week I was listening to a major international film financier talk about how tough the market is now due to disappearing funding sources and too much content that isn’t selling. He gave the best piece of advice I’ve heard in ages – a real lighbulb, kick-in-the-goolies moment: “Ask yourself, “If my film didn’t get made, would anyone actually miss it?”” For me, it was a simple and powerful litmus paper test for your projects. Is it… … Already packaged with stars or a name director? … Using a new and innovative storytelling method? … Highly controversial? … Deeply moving?… Read More »[Guest] Thought For The Day: My Lightbulb Moment By Adrian Mead

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