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promoting your work

Feature Scripts Wanted

Thought these two might be of interest to some of you out in… All you need to do is sign up for Inktip’s FREE newsletter to access them too, there’s no expenditure involved. Good luck! MICRO BUDGET FEATURES SCRIPTS WANTED —————1) Tribe Digital Entertainment – Micro-Budget————— We are seeking feature-length screenplays that can be made on a micro-budget. Stories must mainly take place in one location. We are interested in dramas, comedies, suspense and/or political stories. No horror, no kids films, no animals, no period pieces. Smart writing, good characters, interesting premises are what we respond to. We particularly… Read More »Feature Scripts Wanted

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Writers Write: A Response To Adrian’s Post

Still busy… But still got other people expelling wisdom on this blog’s behalf! (“My people” will write this blog for me in fact, arf). So here is an interesting response from the marvellous Dublin Dave to Adrian Mead’s post yesterday in which he posed the analogy of hiring two architects:—————————————————————————–None of what Adrian’s saying is incorrect. Every writer finds their own path, but let’s be really clear about one thing: what matters is the work. Since 1999, I’ve been making a living as a TV writer. That career began with a feature length script, my fifth. I didn’t go to… Read More »Writers Write: A Response To Adrian’s Post

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Parker, Will You Listen To The Man?

As you know I’ve been mega busy this week AND the entire internet *just disappeared* for all of today (okay, maybe only on my computer… But it’s mysteriously back now so I’m not going to complain). However our main man Adrian Mead has stepped into the breach to offer a few insights on the seemingly torturous process of “making it” as a writer. Ignore at your peril…—————————————————————————–Building a career is a frustrating process and it’s easy to lose heart or blame other people for not being smart enough to recognise your genius. Sometimes looking at things from a different viewpoint… Read More »Parker, Will You Listen To The Man?

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Getting "Results"… And Being Realistic

So a guy on the Shooting People Screenwriters’ Bulletin wonders why he should use a “gimmicky” promotion service like My Visual Pitch and asks if such services should “put their money where their mouth is” and only extract payment on delivery – ie. they should only get paid if the pitch elicits some sort of response, like a meeting with a producer or at least an email response. I have never met this guy, have never spoken to him – but since he posted these opinions on a public forum I figure his comments are fair game for a post… Read More »Getting "Results"… And Being Realistic

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Q & A: My Visual Pitch – Promoting Your Work

Your spec has had as much coverage as it can take: it’s polished, perfect – and ready for sending out there. One problem – you have no agent or manager, you have few contacts, you can’t get yourself to Cannes or Cheltenham because you’ve got to work the dreaded day job. So what do you do? Well, My Visual Pitch may just be for you! I talked to big boss Pamela at MVP about the company’s origins and what it does – and if you fancy another special Bang2write discount, don’t forget to check out the bottom of this post!… Read More »Q & A: My Visual Pitch – Promoting Your Work

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