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Pro Writer ‘Rules’

5 Reasons Why The ‘Rules’ Will Kill Your Writing DEAD

No more writing rules (seriously) Ah, the ‘Rules’ … Every single time I write about there being NO writing ‘rules’, yet more writers come rushing out the woodwork with counter-arguments on why there ARE. Look, I understand. When someone says you can do WHATEVER YOU WANT, it can feel weird and scary. But what if I told you the ‘rules’ are just considered BEST PRACTICES … and even then that can depend. Eeek! Human beings are pack animals, so it makes sense to stay with the crowd doing what is considered “common sense” rather than forging out on your own and… Read More »5 Reasons Why The ‘Rules’ Will Kill Your Writing DEAD

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On Writing “Rules”: 8 Things I Remember

On Writing ‘Rules’ One thing that never goes away is the mythical notion that there are writing ‘rules’. No … just NO! There’s no such thing as writing ‘rules’. All I (or anyone) can offer is what we’ve seen work. In return, we also have to remember there’s always going to be someone who does the exact opposite (and it’ll STILL work!!). But this got me thinking … what would MY top tips, pointers, advice (even writing ‘rules’! :P) be? So here’s a round-up of some of the insights and philosophies I’ve had rammed home to me (fnar) in my own career, time… Read More »On Writing “Rules”: 8 Things I Remember

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