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Virtual Solidarity: Good Luck WGA

Well, the Bournemouth rally came to nothing sadly but thanks to all the writers who took the time to email me and express their solidarity and best wishes for the WGA. I did have a picture of me and the wee girl demonstrating our solidarity but sadly the bloody lead thingy that will send it from my hubby’s phone to the PC has gone bloody AWOL! I blame the boy since he was seen with the lead last. I tortured him by tying him to a chair last night and putting his favourite jelly hamburger sweets just out of reach… Read More »Virtual Solidarity: Good Luck WGA

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Coming To A Town Near You

The lovely Jill Golick has information about six rallies planned as part of the International Day of Solidarity in support of the WGA strike. All of these events will take place on Wednesday November 28th, 2007. In London: 12 noon outside the Trades Union Congress HQ in Great Russell Street in Central London. Piers will be there.UPDATE: So will James! In Toronto: From 10am to 12pm, The Sony Centre (formerly the Hummingbird Centre)@ the corner of Yonge and Front Street. In Montreal: 10:30am to noon, meet at the SARTEC offices (1229, rue Panet in Montreal – between René-Lévesque and Ste-Catherine).… Read More »Coming To A Town Near You

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Do Your Bit For The Strike: Letter Writing Campaign

Well done to Eleanor for spotting this blog promoting a letter writing campaign to help our American cousins in the current strike. The blog has a list of addresses for all the CEOs from major studios and/or programmes, so this is a great way to do your bit and express your disdain for the current situation. And please don’t tell me letters don’t make any difference… Apathy makes even LESS difference my friends. And don’t tell me either you don’t have time to write a letter… This blog has a handy template for you to use and even if you… Read More »Do Your Bit For The Strike: Letter Writing Campaign

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Join The WGA’s Picket Line

Not in America so can’t picket? Don’t let a teensy thing like geography and a whacking great ocean stop you… If you’re a member of Facebook, you can show your solidarity with our American cousins by joining the virtual picket line here. It’s running between Saturday, November 10, 2007 at 10:55pm and ends on Sunday, December 9, 2007 at 12:00am on “computers everywhere”. Nice one, guys. See you there.

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