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power of three

Royal Tapes: Power of 3 Alert

Hi Peeps, it’s that time again where you have the opportunity to extract your revenge and tear MY work to bits. It’s a radio play for The Royal Tapes, something I’ve never attempted before, so anyone who has written for this medium (in the so-called real world, or at uni) is especially welcome, but to be honest anyone can read it since I have no idea what I’m doing here. Only stipulation: gotta have it back ASAP please, since it’s gotta be in next Friday at the latest. As always, email or leave a comment and I’ll get back to… Read More »Royal Tapes: Power of 3 Alert

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Back To The Drawing Board

It’s been a funny few days. A small monkey has been flushed down the toilet courtesy of Lilirose (don’t call the RSPCA folks, it was made of plastic); my husband and I had a row about Cheerios of all things (How? I don’t even know); my son has been offered a “cool ride home from school” in a Black Thunder (mind boggles) on wednesday next week courtesy of local radio station Gemini FM and I’m pretty sure I sent a rather amorous text message to one of the other Bloggers by accident yesterday. You know who you are. Soz about… Read More »Back To The Drawing Board

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By The Power Of Greyskull!

It’s an emergency, my friends. I need help, He-man/She-Ra style – and quickly! Rescue me! After some stellar notes from my first Power of 3 earlier in the week, I now need three sets of fresh eyes cast over my 25 Words or Less package for the UK Film Council please. That’s a 25 word pitch, a one page synopsis and ten pages of sample scenes (so about 11.25 pages, in effect). Since this particular story comes from the biggest WTF? Draft I’ve EVER written (it was my very, very first script!), I have reservations about its clarity and originality…… Read More »By The Power Of Greyskull!

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