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What Creative Icons Can Teach You About Rejection

Ask any aspiring author about rejection … … And they will tell you that at least one well-meaning friend has tried to console them with tales about The Beatles. The most famous and successful band in the world were initially rejected by Decca Records in favour of the forgettable Brian Poole and the Tremeloes. Decca executive Dick Rowe will forever be known as the man who rejected the band and missed out on a multimillion-dollar contract. Let’s be honest, rejection hurts, even if it is part and parcel of the publishing process. You bare your soul by sending out your… Read More »What Creative Icons Can Teach You About Rejection

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10 Quick Tips To Get You Inspired

When writing is your passion but you just don’t have that inspiration coming through, it’s time to look around. There are many things surrounding us every day that could inspire and motivate us. If you are stressed out, it may be difficult to see. Even the best writers sometimes find themselves without an idea to write about. But we live in a world full of information and inspiration. Let’s look at some tips for finding it and getting you inspired!  1) Look at blogs I love blogs because they are personal and intimate. You are able to get into the… Read More »10 Quick Tips To Get You Inspired

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11 Questions To Ask when Starting Your Screenplay

  • September 28, 2016December 1, 2016

Many thanks to Aaron Mendolsohn who’s sharing a 20% discount with you lucky Bang2writers on his book, The 11 Fundamental Questions: A Guide To A Better Screenplay. Now, I’ve read Aaron’s book and what I like about it is how it’s so short and to the point, yet breaks down some really valuable pointers for any writer putting their concept under the microscope. It’s just 41 pages and illustrated, so not a tough read; plus it also relates all Aaron’s pointers to produced content, both recent and classic, so you can see his advice ‘in action’. I’ve written about the… Read More »11 Questions To Ask when Starting Your Screenplay

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The Novelist’s Toolbox

Looking for The Screenwriter’s Toolbox? FIND IT HERE November is officially the month of NaNoWrimo, also known as National Novel Writing Month! It’s an exciting challenge where you aim to write a 50, 000 word novel by November 30th. In honour of this special month, we’ve decided to compile The Novelist’s Toolbox – 20 links full of helpful tips and hints to help you on your way to literary greatness! For those of you that would like to join the NaNoWrimo Challenge – it’s NOT too late!! Head over to the site, RIGHT NOW and good luck! 1) Getting Ready… Read More »The Novelist’s Toolbox

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Top 10 (Normal) Struggles When Writing A Novel

  • May 1, 2015December 1, 2016

1) Title dilemmas Like every author on the planet, I’ve spent endless hours mulling over title options for my work. One strives, of course, to be both memorable and honestly descriptive of the content. But then, by and large, a great title is an art form unto itself and a great title does not necessarily signify a great book. MORE: More About Titles 2) Deleeeeeeeete!!!! This may seem insane but I normally know whether or not I am on to something good only after being 100 pages into a story. I’m willing to bet some you go much farther?? MORE: WHY… Read More »Top 10 (Normal) Struggles When Writing A Novel

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How NOT To Write A Novel: 5 Mistakes Writers Make

Too many writers attempt to write a novel, but go wrong somewhere down the line … and aren’t even sure where, or why. Here’s 5 clangers to think about in advance, so you can avoid them! 1) Writing Occasionally Writing is not at ALL like it’s shown on movies or TV serials (coughCASTLEcough). Writing is a full time job that requires patience and a lot of labor. Motivation is the only factor that keeps writers glued to their work. If you want to write a really good novel, you have to learn to write every day and as much as… Read More »How NOT To Write A Novel: 5 Mistakes Writers Make

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3 Ways To Transform From “Self Publisher” to “Indie Author”

   Self-publisher. Vanity Press. Independent Author. You say tomater, I say tomato, right? Not at all. Unless you’ve been locked in Christian Grey’s Red Room of Pleasure for the past few years, you’ll be aware of the self-publishing revolution. The success stories are fifty shades of publishing folklore – but it isn’t universally good news. Now that any muppet with opposable thumbs can become a published author, it’s incredibly hard to make your work stand out. Assuming you haven’t chosen traditional publishing – or it hasn’t chosen you – there are broadly three ways to get your book out there:… Read More »3 Ways To Transform From “Self Publisher” to “Indie Author”

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Breaking Into Theatre By Carla Grauls

  • July 2, 2012July 1, 2012

Many thanks to Bang2writer Carla for sharing her insights on breaking into theatre – some really good advice here. Enjoy! The first play I wrote was a dark comedy except that it wasn’t a comedy. It was just dark. After that first play written at university, I have been involved in developing a new play with a theatre, a dark comedy. This time I have taken steps to ensure it is funny…not just disturbing. My play Occupied will be previewed at Theatre 503 in July this year as part of Labfest: a season of new writing. I was invited to… Read More »Breaking Into Theatre By Carla Grauls

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Guest Post: Want To Write Better Screenplays? Read A Picture Book by Ezra Paris

  • April 8, 2012

A GREAT guest post from Bang2writer Ezra here, with some fab advice and writing exercises for screenwriters… Let the other Bang2writers know how you go if you give any of them a shot. Thanks Ezra! ————————-Picture books, you say? I am writing a Lynchian take on the Western. I’ve completed character biographies, a beat sheet and a coloured coded layout of my three act structure. Surely there is nothing for me to learn from plucky little steam engines, children who do not wish to sleep and an array of cute baby animals who are unable to locate their mother? Think… Read More »Guest Post: Want To Write Better Screenplays? Read A Picture Book by Ezra Paris

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