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Opportunity: IPTV Programme Content

So, IPTV – that’s Internet Protocol Television to you dunces at the back – is on its way. Yeah. No idea what it is? I didn’t either. This article explains it pretty well, but essentially it’s television over the internet. Apparently, ultimately the internet will be integrated into TVs via broadband in the same way some of you will already have tellys with set-top-boxes inside… Making it an inside-box? Whatever. Shut up Lucy. So what’s this got to do with us lovely screenwriters? Well, as The Lovely Tim at Projector Films and The Man Adrian Mead always say, we gotta… Read More »Opportunity: IPTV Programme Content

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The Long Distance Screenwriter, Part Two

As promised, part two of my notes. Hey boy, hey girl, Superstar DJ… Here we go! Skillset. Adrian recommended in the first instance that all writers familiarise themselves with the work and opportunities available through Skillset. Knowing what one can get funding for and how helps writers make decisions and book training, courses etc that *could* make all the difference to their career. However, it’s surprising how few writers know exactly how Skillset works or what they fund. So go check it out! Film Festivals. Film Festivals can be a great place to network and get new leads from, even… Read More »The Long Distance Screenwriter, Part Two

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