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Top 5 Solutions When You’re Stuck on Your Novel

How To Get Unstuck On Your Novel Are you stuck on your novel? Have you tried several different approaches, only to end up stuck again? I experienced this with my most recent novel, The Beached Ones. It took me years to get past that stuck place. Talk about frustrating! I thought I was going to have to give up on the story. You may be feeling the same way. If so, I’m here to tell you: I got through that stuck place and went on to win a publishing contract for the book. You can too. When You’re Stuck on Your… Read More »Top 5 Solutions When You’re Stuck on Your Novel

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Self-Publishing Should NEVER Be A Last Resort. Here’s Why

Self-Publishing Versus Traditional Publishing ‘I want an agent and a traditional publishing deal, but I guess I can always whack it up on the Kindle as a last resort.’ If I had a £1 for every time I heard this from a wannabe novelist, I would be hella rich by now. It seems as if new authors think self-publishing is the bottom of the pile, the ‘easy’ option if you will. It’s the thing you do when you have no other options left. The last resort. Ugh. Oi, Writers: NO! As most veteran Bangers know, I work with writers. The… Read More »Self-Publishing Should NEVER Be A Last Resort. Here’s Why

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Top 3 Useful Tips For Getting Your Book Written

  • May 26, 2021

Useful Writing Tips One of the most useful writing tips I ever heard was ‘know your own industry’. The more familiar we are with what’s gone before us, the more likely we will hit the bullseye ourselves. This is one of the main remits of this blog, in fact. As any veteran reader of this site knows, I love to think about what iconic writers did in the past. Veteran author Ernest Hemingway apparently said ‘the first draft of anything is always shit’. He is also thought to have said, ‘the only kind of writing is rewriting’. Whilst he was… Read More »Top 3 Useful Tips For Getting Your Book Written

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11 Awesome Tips To Beat Writer’s Block

  • April 28, 2021

B2W’s Quick Tips To Beat Writer’s Block  Need to beat writer’s block? I feel ya … It can seem like the hydra, ready to rear one of its seven heads when you least expect it! Supersadface. But what if I told you that you CAN beat writer’s block and it’s easier than you think?? Try these quick tips for size … 1) Try Free Writing Lots of writers get blocked because they’re trying to be perfect … but perfectionism is a disease! Like the infographic suggests, avoid it by trying free writing. This is when you set a timer and… Read More »11 Awesome Tips To Beat Writer’s Block

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29 Ways To Stay Creative

  • March 29, 2021

Getting Creative It can be really difficult to stay creative at the best of times … and it’s safe to say these are NOT the best of times! After a year of the pandemic and multiple lockdowns all over the world, writers may be feeling burned out (I know I am). Of course, rest is important. If you feel you can’t go on, now is a great time to take stock and let the well replenish. I will be doing this over Easter, so the B2W site will be taking a short break. (Don’t panic though … You can still… Read More »29 Ways To Stay Creative

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15 Top Tips To Becoming A Faster Writer

  • March 17, 2021

How To Write Faster We probably have all thought we need to be faster writers … But how do we manage this? Imagine you have a deadline coming up (or maybe you already do!).  You have a big problem: you can’t figure out where to start researching; how to structure your novel or screenplay; or how to complete it in time. Eek! You’re not alone – most writers have faced this. But good news … Becoming a faster writer is possible and will definitely make a difference in your writing life. Top Tips ‘All’ you need to do is to… Read More »15 Top Tips To Becoming A Faster Writer

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10 Simple Steps For Revising Your Draft

  • February 1, 2021August 9, 2021

So, You’ve Finished Your Draft! Congratulations, but you still have work to do: revising it!! But where to start?? If you are feeling overwhelmed, then check out these 10 revision pointers for novels or screenplays. They can act as a handy checklist for revising your draft. Good luck … 1) Wait! First up, do NOTHING. That’s right … Just let that novel sit in a drawer or on your computer’s desktop. Do absolutely zilch with it, for a couple of days (minimum) or weeks (preferred) or months (maximum). Let your subconscious bubble away, revising any of your story’s problems as… Read More »10 Simple Steps For Revising Your Draft

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10 Things Every Great Character Needs

Developing Characters’ Needs Whether you’re a plot or character-driven writer, every story needs fleshed-out characters to engage readers. Read below for an easy checklist to make sure your characters are real enough to jump off the page. What Every Character Needs … 1) A Positive Quality More than likely you’ve heard of the book Save the Cat, by Blake Snyder. The title alone shows the need for developing a positive quality in your character. Even if your main character is meaner than your Aunt Lyda without her Dirty Coke and cigarettes, give him something readers can appreciate. He can care about… Read More »10 Things Every Great Character Needs

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Top 5 Mistakes Writers Make With Police Characters

Writing Crime Many thanks to Stuart Gibbon today for his thoughts on avoiding the top mistakes when writing police characters. Stuart used to be a police officer, plus he now advises writers about police procedures and crime investigations. When authenticity AND accuracy is so important in our writing, Stuart’s is an invaluable service. I have used his advice in my writing. Be sure to check out his writers’ consultancy and books at the bottom of the post. Over to you, Stuart! Police Characters People often ask me what it’s really like in the police and whether fiction books and the… Read More »Top 5 Mistakes Writers Make With Police Characters

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How To Develop Your Structural Toolbox

What Is A Structural Toolbox? Do you have a structural toolbox? When most writers (novelist or screenwriter) have structural problems in their drafts, having a structural toolbox can pay dividends. But what is this?? Put simply, a structural toolbox is the foundation work all writers need to put in to ensure they … understand how structure works in their novel or screenplay can apply structural techniques to their writing Think of it as a collection of ‘stuff’ you have to hand in order to identify and fix your stories. I like to call it a structural toolbox because one size… Read More »How To Develop Your Structural Toolbox

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