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Nanowrimo Special: Julian Friedmann at the SWF 09 "A Novel Approach"

I’ve been saving this to post up when the wind went out of my sails on Nanowrimo – which is right now. If you are too, check out Julian’s thoughts below, might give you the push you need!———————————————-Novelists turn to screenwriting and vice versa, but this often fails. Why? We are all STORYTELLERS. But to write a 100,000 word novel typically takes 6 – 9 months, which can be very off-putting. Nevertheless, Julian believes writing prose is a very serious compliment to screenwriting. Six Reasons to Write Books As Well As Scripts: – You’ve probably read more novels than scripts… Read More »Nanowrimo Special: Julian Friedmann at the SWF 09 "A Novel Approach"

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Please Hold… Yet Again

Hi. I know I haven’t posted for nearly a week, I can tell you: everything’s fine. Honest. (Well, fine apart from the fact Hub appears to have LOST the notebook with my SWF notes in!!!) Also: 1) I haven’t given up blogging 2) I am not ill – nor is anyone else 3) No humans or animals are being harmed at my house (Unless Hub can’t find said notebook) I’m just drowning in a quagmire of work, script reading – and because I haven’t enough to do, Nanowrimo too. In the meantime, please feel free to catch up with me… Read More »Please Hold… Yet Again

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The Frustrated Novelist

So one day a little girl saw a bookcase and decided to be a writer. Said bookcase was full of novels with titles like SHADOWFIRES, MIDNIGHT, CABAL, WEAVEWORLD, IMAJICA, CARRIE and FIRESTARTER. Later the little girl would discover her mother had got them via one of those book clubs where you get them by post whether you like it or not and can’t return them. Mother didn’t even like horror *that much*, yet entirely by accident would influence her daughter’s genre choice. But for the little girl, the paperbacks in that big bookcase in the spooky corridor near the bathroom… Read More »The Frustrated Novelist

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Head Exploding. Back… Later.

I feel at the moment as if my head is beset with stories. On the one hand, I have my RPP entry. It’s going pretty well: I have a full draft, I’ve had lots of feedback and yesterday I had a read-through with some lovely actors. They offered me lots of great suggestions, thoughts and points of view for improving the script, though they did suggest I might need to re-align the beginning. I actually agree with them, but of course I’ve already sent my ten pages off. However I couldn’t have had this epiphany BEFORE this point and it’s… Read More »Head Exploding. Back… Later.

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Novel Update # 1: Profanity, Character Creation & Baked Beans

In a week where I found myself writing the term “spunk vampire” in a Bang2writer’s development notes (hi Allen), I have discovered my novel so far is full of profanity as well. That won’t come as a surprise to those who know me in real life. As my own mother points out, I have “a gob like a sewer”. She had hoped I was one of those teens who would grow out of it in time, but sadly she’s had to give up: f*** this s***! What did surprise me was the word that has popped up most consistently –… Read More »Novel Update # 1: Profanity, Character Creation & Baked Beans

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Ready… Set …. Go!

Okay, so after many, many months of supposed research, general panic, swearing, avoiding phone calls from my agent about it, internet surfing and talking about starting I have, finally, started my novel. And when I say started, I mean I started yesterday. But I have actually written five thousand actual words. And they’re actually good. Alright, semi-good. I’m pretty certain I’ve ripped off my beginning by accident (don’t you just hate it when that happens?) and that my character is named after someone in a bloody band (I must figure out which one), but otherwise I think it might actually… Read More »Ready… Set …. Go!

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