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3 Reasons To Buy Breaking Into Hollywood: A Guerilla Pocketbook by Genevieve Jolliffe

Published on Feb 25th 2013, BREAKING INTO HOLLYWOOD is a new addition to the Guerilla Filmmaker Pocketbook series. Written by Genevieve Jolliffe, the book details – unsurprisingly – how to “break in” to Tinseltown and is divided into two parts: Part One is “Working In Hollywood” and looks at such important elements as the studios and how they break down; what agents do and the various types (large vs boutique), plus Managers; Lawyers and what they do; fees; pitching; packaging; how Television works;  The Writers’ Guild of America and The Directors’ Guild; even The Art of Schmooze and the various… Read More »3 Reasons To Buy Breaking Into Hollywood: A Guerilla Pocketbook by Genevieve Jolliffe

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5 Essential Apps For Writers

Whether you’re in academic, creative, or business writing, there are more tools than ever before to get inspired, organise your thoughts and get help with publication. Of course, most people don’t have time to wade through the swamp of redundant, buggy, spam-ridden apps, so we’ve done the hard work for you. The following 5 apps are among the highest-rated, most-popular on iTunes and Google Play. 1. Story Tracker Story Tracker is a great organisational tool for writers who are already getting content published. This app makes it easy to track where content has been submitted, what deadlines are looming and… Read More »5 Essential Apps For Writers

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Top 7 Writing “Debates” To Avoid

I love the internet. Writers can plug in and get access to all the people, information and opportunities they could ever need. They can even create a whole career out of it via blogging and social media – that’s what I did. I didn’t even live in London. As I always say: anything is possible. But even an Internet Die Hard like me can get sick of the web, due to the SAME writing “debates” rolling around and around, two, three or even *more* times a year – and some of them NEVER seem to go away, despite the fact… Read More »Top 7 Writing “Debates” To Avoid

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What Is The Difference Between an NDA and a Release Form?

NDA versus Release Form A couple of Bang2writers messaged me yesterday via email and FB chat, asking about the difference between an NDA and a release form. I thought it might be of use to repeat it here for anyone else who might be wondering. What is an NDA? NDA stands for “non disclosure agreement”. This is something PRODUCTION COMPANIES may send out with its scripts to readers like me. This is not because they are afraid *I* will steal their script, though. It is because they are afraid rival companies will get the heads-up on their project. NDAs usually… Read More »What Is The Difference Between an NDA and a Release Form?

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Adaptation, Pt 4: Bye-Child And The Butterfly Tattoo

We’ve heard about what an adaptation entails, adapting true stories and what publishers think of the process, so now is the right time I think to take a look at two specific adaptations. Watch out for spoilers. First up is Bernard MacLaverty’s Bye-Child (2003). An award winning short film (part funded by long term Bang2writer Scottish Screen), Bye-Child is taken from the poem by Seamus Heaney. This was of particular interest, since adapting from poetry – bar the usual suspects like Homer -had not really occurred to me. But why not? Poems are just as rich in visuals and offer… Read More »Adaptation, Pt 4: Bye-Child And The Butterfly Tattoo

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Adaptation, Pt 3: What A Publisher Says

Apologies for the delay on this article, an MTC (that’s a Minor Tidying Calamity) occurred and my notebook with my course notes in somehow ended up in the outhouse with the washing machine and freezer. I blame The Husband…———————————————————————— A recent conversation thread on the Shooting People Screenwriters’ List revealed that it is considered pretty bad form to adapt material without having the rights to it. This is not a problem when certain stories are already in the public domain, but what if it is protected by copyright? We hear a lot about producers acquiring the rights to certain books… Read More »Adaptation, Pt 3: What A Publisher Says

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