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Focus On Format series

How Do I Format A Quote At The Beginning Of A Script?

How To Format A Quote ANOTHER scriptwriting-related question – it’s been quite the week for them – but this time, just a kwikkie on format from Wade Glenn: I’ve seen a lot of films end their opening credits sequences with famous quotations that are thematically relevant to the film. I want to do this but I’m wondering … How do you format a quote in a script? and If I decide to use a quote, do I have to mention a credits sequence? Or do I just put it somewhere after “FADE IN”? There’s no real “rule” for quotes generally. That… Read More »How Do I Format A Quote At The Beginning Of A Script?

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Screenplay Format – The B2W One Stop Shop

Good Format Is … … Not getting BUSTED! Screenplay format is top of the pile when work experience kids read our work (and they are!). Unfortunately, screenplay format is what they understand and latch onto. Whilst any writer can obviously do what they want, there are obvious and basic things a writer can avoid/cut/change to make sure their script is less likely to get thrown aside when it’s plucked out of the spec pile. Top 5 Format Mistakes Wondering what are the FIVE most made mistakes when it comes to screenplay format?? CLICK HERE. Free Format 1 Page Guide Download On… Read More »Screenplay Format – The B2W One Stop Shop

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