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Eleanor Ball

The Criticism Sandwich by Eleanor Ball

Don’t know about you, but I can be cripplingly sensitive when it comes to feedback. Actually, to hell with it, I DO know about you, dearest new bang2writer chums, because we’re all creative and therefore much of what we do comes from deep within, unless we manage to roboticise the process. A cold word about something that I’ve poured my soul into (even though my soul is currently on the market if you’re interested) can turn me from confidently chipper to wildly scribbling down plans to leave the industry and run away to raise mustangs in the Nevada mountains. Of… Read More »The Criticism Sandwich by Eleanor Ball

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Why You SHOULD Do A Course In Scriptwriting by Eleanor Ball

Last week Lucy penned a really useful post on media careers and what to do after a media course, which inspired me to churn out some thoughts as a meedja student about to face the abyss. I’m in the final term of a scriptwriting MA, which means much less classes, and much more closing the curtains on warm sunny days. Not to get too personal or anything, but here is a snap of my Halls of Residence bedroom floor: … So what that photo probably tells you is that when I’ve finished with something I literally just THROW it from… Read More »Why You SHOULD Do A Course In Scriptwriting by Eleanor Ball

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Personality Is Personality: Making Gender "Irrelevant" In Characterisation

Bang2write’s fab intern, the mighty Eleanor Ball has decided to tackle a BIG subject for her first official blog post – and why not? Please direct any questions, comments, etc to her here in the relevant section or over at Bang2writers. Enjoy! My script is about a group of girlies. People keep asking me if that would eliminate the male half of the audience. No, damnit! It’s an interesting challenge, trying to make a sitcom with mainly female characters appeal to all chromosomes, but it’s a shame I took it for granted that it would indeed BE a challenge. It… Read More »Personality Is Personality: Making Gender "Irrelevant" In Characterisation

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#scriptchat Meet the Lovely Eleanor Ball!

As you know, recently I advertised for the first official Bang2write social networking-style intern, so all you lovely Bang2writers won’t go without your scriptwriting, industry & novels bloggage and linky-goodness while I take a few weeks off to have baby number 3. I was stunned by the number of interested parties and would love to thank everyone who got in touch, all of whom were completely 100% delicious in their own right! I know people **always** say “it was a hard decision” but it REALLY WAS, it was agony choosing!!! Without further ado then, I’d like to introduce the marvellous… Read More »#scriptchat Meet the Lovely Eleanor Ball!

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