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DEVIATION Tagline Competition

Bang2writers, I bring you a contest via The Deviation blog – there is no charge and there are prizes on offer, deadline 21st January, 2011. Best of luck with it!!! DEVIATION TAGLINE COMPETITION Create a tagline for DEVIATION. The tagline must reflect the tone of Deviation the movie, which is a dark thriller. For more information on Deviation and its characters, make sure you check out our round up of all the posts and articles about this film online, here. The fab Rinaldo from Moviescope Magazine is offering a subscription to the winner of this contest and fellow deviant Chris… Read More »DEVIATION Tagline Competition

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From Page To Screen

One thing I hear over and over from writers is the belief *their* script has been *ruined* by some director/producer/whatever getting their grubby paws on it and turning it into something far different to what the writer originally envisaged. In some cases, this will be indubitably true. After all, no one wants their hardcore horror rendered from the page to screen as a comedy, or their thought-provoking kitchen sink drama turned into a musical. But barring perceptions of the material that are totally at odds like this (or half-baked visions of plot points, character motivations and so on), the viewpoints… Read More »From Page To Screen

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DEVIATION is shooting right now! For those of you hiding under a rock for the last twelve days since my last announcement here, there and everywhere: DEVIATION is a dark, feature-length thriller starring Danny Dyer and Anna Walton (Hellboy 2: The Golden Army). The movie tells the story of a young nurse, Amber (Walton), who is kidnapped and held hostage in her own car by Frankie (Dyer), an escaped convict desperate to leave the country. Think women in peril thrillers like RED EYE and PANIC ROOM (with a British slant/twist) and you can’t go far wrong. It’s written and directed… Read More »DEVIATION update

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